Courtney & Rob

  • Morning Coffee out Front
  • Hiking with Courtney’s Brother and his wife
  • Robert with his Niece and Nephew
  • Running Races
  • Rob’s Family at Medieval Times
  • Court’s Extended Family
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Courtney Preparing Easter Dinner
  • Our Living Room
  • Lounging in PJs
  • Cats in the Den
  • The “Outdoor Room” out back
  • Ready for Christmas Eve!
  • The Beach with Rob’s Family
  • Hosting Thanksgiving
  • Courtney and her niece playing Shopkins
  • Traveling to Paris and Hawaii
  • A fun day at the Aquarium
  • Us in Courtney’s Brother’s Wedding
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Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us for your birth plan. As first time adopting parents, we are very excited and ready to welcome a child into our home. We are grateful that you love your baby so much that you are taking these steps to ensure he or she has a wonderful and full life ahead. We really admire you for considering adoption.

If you decide to make an adoption plan with us, we will not take this choice lightly. We will love your baby with our whole heart and provide a safe, caring, supportive, happy life with many wonderful opportunities.

We are college sweethearts, together for over 17 years, and have a very strong foundation to welcome a child into our home. We have a support system consisting of large extended families and friends ready to welcome a child with open arms.

We promise to be positive role models and great parents. We will kiss boo boos, give plenty of snuggles, teach them, cheer them on, let them be independent, and be their #1 fan.

After getting married and settling down, it feels like we have been preparing for a long time to start this new chapter of our lives. Wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

About Us (written by Rob)

We met junior year of college. Courtney was studying Architecture and I was studying Engineering. We dated and got married a couple years after graduation. We have now been together over 17 years. We have a very strong marriage and lean on each other for support. We often make decisions together as a team and talk things over if we disagree.

We are looking forward to becoming parents and ready to raise children. We have so much love to give each other and our future child.

Why Rob would be a Great Dad (written by Courtney)

Rob would be the best dad. He is caring, funny, friendly, and athletic. He glows when interacting with our niece and nephew. He most recently started teaching them how to yo-yo when we visit with them.

Rob is also fantastic with our friend's children. He loves getting on the floor (he is very tall) and playing on their level whether it's imaginary games, Hot Wheels, trucks, or even Barbies. Rob makes me feel safe and gives the best hugs. He also knows how to talk things out calmly and never gets agitated or raises his voice. He is absolutely the best cat dad and our two pets adore him.

Why Court would be a Great Mom (written by Rob)

Courtney has always been loving, caring, and selfless; she is always willing to put others first. This hasn't changed at all over the years. Courtney is the best partner anyone can ask for and strong for our family.

She has always been very good with children since babysitting the neighborhood kids early on. Her natural maternal instincts take over wherever she is around kids. Somehow she can always communicate with and entertain a child of any age.

I can tell she genuinely enjoys being with our friends and families children and is very much looking forward to being a mother herself.

Hobbies and Interests (written by Courtney)

When at home, I like to garden, make crafts, exercise, jog or walk outside, read books and magazines, and curl up on the couch for home renovation shows, Animal Planet, or our latest Netflix series. I recently trained and ran my first marathon.

In his spare time, Rob enjoys meeting up with friends to hang out or have dinner. He picked up the violin for the last few years, practicing regularly and taking lessons. He also enjoys going for long runs, lifting weights, reading, and watching movies.

We spend time together enjoying each other's company and the simple things like drinking coffee out in front of the house before work, going for walks outdoors, watching a movie, or relaxing together and listening to music in the backyard.

We enjoy visiting extended and close family, hanging out with friends, or watching football in the fall. We try to get away once in a while by traveling in the US or abroad.

Our Family Life

Rob’s Family

I come from a close knit family, raised in a small suburban neighborhood. We all look forward to our joint family gatherings during the holidays. We live about 20 minutes from my parent's home; they are looking forward to many sleepovers, babysitting, and cheering on the grandkids.

My parents have been married for over 40 years, instilling the importance of family togetherness and love from a very young age. Both parents are now retired and enjoy their hobbies of gardening, woodworking, and traveling.

I have one older sister, who I've always had a great relationship with. She is married with two children so most of our time together includes play time with the kids. I am the Godfather of her son and Courtney is the Godmother of her daughter. We share the same values in that we cherish family time and happiness over material things.

Courtney's Family

My mom is a same day surgery nurse in a hospital. My dad is a retired high school chemistry teacher. I have one younger brother who we are very close with. He is recently married to my wonderful new sister in law who we hang out with often.

Both my parents come from large families and my mother's father is my only living grandparent. I was blessed to meet all of my grandparents growing up including 2 of my great grandmothers. My extended family loves celebrating the holidays, taking turns hosting and cooking, and getting together. Rob and I host large Thanksgiving and Easter dinners at our house!

We hope to raise well-rounded children; letting them explore their interests in both studies and activities!

Our Pets

We have two domestic cats named Dash and Daisy - 9 and 6 years old. They have been part of our family since kittens. They are very playful with us and our family. They are curious and warm up to new people quickly. They are great cuddlers and love to relax on the couch with us for tv or a movie.

Both are very good with our niece, nephew, and friend's children. They even play chase with each other or fetch with us and their favorite mouse toys!


We have a large social circle of support from friends of all ages, some of which we have known our whole lives most with children of all ages. We enjoy spending time together on day trips, barbecues, vacations, pumpkin or apple picking, double dates, group dates, and more. This is the family we have chosen and spend a lot of our down time with.

Our Home

We love our 4 bedroom, 2 bath home. We live in a quiet suburban neighborhood with many families with children and great neighbors. We make full use of the space both inside and out. We have a big, fenced in backyard with lots of grass. We are also within walking distance to the elementary and high school. We have set up our outdoor patio to hang out, listen to music, eat, toast marshmallows, and relax. We live near a children's park and walk the neighborhood regularly, chatting with neighbors as we pass by. We enjoy our house all year round and decorate for every holiday and season indoors and out!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. This page should give you a glimpse into our lives and hopefully ensure you that we will be loving, caring parents.

We are grateful that you are considering us for your adoption plan and hope you see the unconditional love, joy, and support we will provide. We would be honored if you chose us to be the parents of your baby.

With Love,
Courtney & Robert

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