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Hi, it is a pleasure to meet you. Our names are Jennifer and Marc. We would love to fill your child’s life with love, happiness, values, sports, arts and crafts and education. Thank you for taking your time to learn about us. We have so much love and cannot wait to offer your child a family.

About Us

We met in 1998 through a friend on the computer and fell madly in love at first sight. We had a short engagement for nine months and were married in July 2000. We have grown very close together and are now married 19 years this July 2019. We cannot wait and are very excited to expand our family.

Friends and Family

We have many close knit relationships with our family and friends. It is our pleasure to host the holidays and birthdays at our home. Our friends are special to us as well to spend time with.

Marc has two siblings- a brother who is unmarried, and his sister who is married and has three children. His parents are still alive. Jennifer has one brother who is single. She has her mom and is very close to her family. We are very fortunate to have a special relationship with our friends and family.

Our Home and Community

Marc loves sports. His favorite teams are the New York Yankees baseball team, the New York Islanders hockey team, the New York Giants football team, and the New York Knicks basketball team. He also enjoys attending games, latch hooking and bowling. Jennifer enjoys couponing, shopping, painting and coloring. She also enjoys reading books and writing.

We both enjoy spending time with our male Shetland Sheepdog, Lightening who loves to play. Also, we enjoy visiting the aquarium and Point Pleasant Beach. It is so much fun to see the animals at a local farm and cannot wait to bring your child to see all the exciting things to do!

Our Message to You

We are looking forward to you learning about us because we have so much love to offer your baby. You are important and your feelings matter. We are here for you should you need someone to listen. Your child will be happy and loved by everyone.

We will provide a loving home, stability, education, family and hobbies for your child. We will teach your child a sense of right from wrong. Your child will enjoy having our families over for regular gatherings and the holidays at our home. We love to celebrate birthdays and make everyone feel special. There is always emphasis placed upon goals for the here and now and the future to help us grow as a family and individually. We always say what we are grateful for at each holiday/birthday.

Your child will enjoy playdates with other children, the interaction of hobbies, family and spending time together with the emphasis of higher education. Playtime is a great way to interact be it singing a song, playing an in instrument, playing with toys, exploring, reading out loud, or flying a kite. Some other family activities are playing games, walking on the boardwalk and exploring aquariums/other animals.

Thank you very much for reading our letter. We are very grateful for your consideration of the opportunity to raise your child! Thank you from Marc and Jen and our dog, Lightening!

Jen & Marc

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