Georgia & Al

  • Georgia and Al.
  • Out in Nature where we belong.
  • Yes, we can dress up,
    but prefer to play outside.
  • We love to go hiking and explore new places.
  • Skiing is our favorite wintertime activity.
    Hibernation is for bears.
  • One of Al’s passions is flying.
  • His other passion is playing with boats.
  • Georgia’s passion is any hiking trail
  • Lucky – the cat
  • Muddy – our fun-loving dog
  • Al’s birthday dinner
  • Trip to Chicago
  • Valentine’s Day dinner
  • More Nature exploration
  • Building sand castles with our Nieces!
  • Love to entertain – Al’s Mom and
    Georgia’s Dad on Labor Day.
  • Georgia and her closest friends.
  • Nice dinner on Mt Bachelor in Oregon
  • Our backyard
  • Thanks for helping us fulfil our dream!
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Hello, we are Al and Georgia. We are deeply honored that you are considering us as part of your life journey, and considering giving us the gift of adopting your child. We will love your child unconditionally, respect them and help them learn, grow and have a wonderful life. Both of us wanted to have a child for some time and have accepted the fact that we cannot have a biological child, but this situation did not stop us from pursuing our dream of becoming parents. We know that a baby is part of our future and that adoption is the path for us.

About Us

Our mutual friend told us years before we met that we would be great for each other, she was adamant that we meet and she was right. We finally met in 2013, and hit it off right away. Quickly we started exploring the outdoors together and grew together as friends. As a couple, we have many common interests and goals in life. We enjoy outdoor activities together including walking the dog, hiking, biking, swimming, boating, skiing, kayaking and even washing cars. We both are so good to our family; we took on the role of caregivers, fixing any and all problems.

We have both had successful careers. Al is a National Technical Sales Manager, who is fortunate enough to work from home. Al has a Mechanical Engineering degree and an MBA; he can build or fix just about anything. Georgia is a Scientist and is currently working on her master’s degree in Nutrition. The goal for Georgia is to have a part time job and spend the rest of the time helping to raise our family. We are both very accomplished and doers in life, not passengers. We work extremely well as a team tackling many projects together from home renovations to financial planning strategies. We have both been lucky enough to have traveled in the US and abroad and are ready to settle in to a nice family life.

Family Life

We spend lots of time doing home projects and playing with our pets: Muddy and Lucky. We go for walks daily and spend as much time outdoors as we can. We have a garden and love planting beautiful flowers in the Spring. We both love all seasons, work/play hard and enjoy life. In the Summer we have pool parties at our house, and have lots of picnics. In the Winter we love skiing, building snowmen with our Nieces and working on indoor home projects. We have a boat and love to spend time on lakes and the bay with friends and family, exploring, and visiting beaches. Both of us have lots of friends close to us from high school, college and our neighborhood.

Al’s parents met after they moved from Germany to the US and lived in NJ. Al’s mom still lives in the house Al grew up in and is very close to us, which makes it convenient for Al to see his mom frequently. His Mom loves birding and boating and has been anxiously awaiting a grandchild. Georgia grew up in NJ with her mother, father and sister. Georgia’s Dad loves spending time with us, whether it be working on cars or spending time with the family. He is also very handy and has fun working with Al, brainstorming on projects. He has a big personality and brings everyone together and keeps smiles on all of our faces. Georgia’s Mom visits frequently. She is fun-loving and a sweet person and can’t wait to spoil our little one. Georgia’s sister lives in NJ and has two children. Our Nieces, that we love spending time with. They bring us so much laughter and joy.

Our Home and Community

Our home sits at the end of a private road, so no traffic (except for the mailman!). The neighborhood has a mix of children, both young and old. The house is a 4-bedroom colonial style with an in-ground pool, a fenced in area and lots of open grass to play in (4 acres). Inside the house, it is warm and cozy with great smells always coming from the kitchen. We have a deck and playground equipment that the neighborhood kids love to play on. The town we live in is near lots of parks, farms and open spaces. Each home has lots of land in our neighborhood. The community tends to come together to help each other often. There are a couple of festivals each year in town that we look forward to attending.

Our Message to You

We pledge to raise your child in a home filled with laughter and hugs, summer days at the beach and winter days on the ski slopes. We will ensure your child has lots of love and affection. They will be provided with the best education possible and have a warm, safe and loving home to grow up in. We are very excited and really hope our wishes come true.

Our best wishes to you. Thank you very much for considering us!

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