Ally & Andrew

  • Where we first met in Israel in a tent
  • Our friends
  • Ally & Andrew in Paris
  • Ally & Andrew with nieces in Bahrain
  • Day we brought son Ziggy home
  • Ziggy at his first game
  • Ally & Andrew traveling
  • Ally & son Ziggy first time at the beach
  • Grandpa with his boys
  • Ziggy's Birthday Pool Party at grandma's
  • Andrew & Ziggy cuddling on the couch
  • Near our home on boardwalk
  • Ziggy & his grandparents reading
  • Ziggy & our dog Rocket on our porch
  • Ziggy working out with Andrew
  • Halloween with friends and family
  • Our Wedding
  • Ziggy sledding in the snow
  • Hiking with friends
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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We will do everything in our power to give your little one a happy life full of love, encouragement, support, and joy. We have a son, through adoption, who is two years old and is so happy and excited to have a sister or brother as a best friend.

About Us

We met in 2012 on a trip to Israel, where we spent about 10 days exploring the country together. We started off as friends and it was not until we returned to the US when we realized we lived in the same city and our love for the NY Jets. After a football party, Andrew asked Ally out on a date and we were inseparable ever since. We share many of the same interests, such as traveling to other countries, playing golf, working out, going to the movies, and sushi! In 2015, Andrew asked Ally to marry him on top of a volcano in Portland, Oregon. We have been together now for 8 years and understand the importance of comprise, hard work, forgiveness, compassion, and honesty.
Andrew owns his own business in insurance analytics, and Ally works at a university as a director of faculty development. Even though we have demanding careers, family and our son is our number one priority, and that has especially been apparent during COVID. We have both taken breaks from our jobs to be with our son during this time. And even though this pandemic has been very devasting to our country, the silver lining is that it allowed us to have a lot of quality time at home where we were able to experience our son’s firsts and many of his milestones.

About Andrew

Andrew is very intelligent, brave, and hard-working. He was raised by a dad who was a stock broker that started from the very bottom with minimal education. His father instilled the importance of taking care of his family and financial security. Andrew loves to take risks which usually pays off and is not scared of a challenge. A few years into our relationship, Andrew decided to quit his high-paying job to start his own company. This move worried me at the time but it has been such a value for us as it let him be very flexible with his schedule, be home on time, and when we adopted our son in 2018, it allowed him to be home with our child, Ziggy, until Ziggy went to daycare. Recently, Ziggy had to have a dental x-ray, and Andrew sat with him, holding and rubbing his hands to help his stay steady. He is such a good dad. I very much admire him for these traits and love how wonderful and caring dad and husband he has become. He has always put us first!


Love makes a family. We are so lucky that both sets of grandparents live no more than 20 minutes away from us – all are always willing to lend a helping hand. Our parents have both been married for over 40 years and have shown us what a loving marriage is like.
Making memories with our family is very important to us and we see them often. All four grandparents are looking forward to making crafts, camping, and baking with their new grandchild. Family traditions with aunts (2), uncles (4) and cousins (3) include pumpkin picking, hunting for Easter eggs, and ugly Christmas sweater parties. Summer beach vacations provide endless family fun splashing in the waves, building sandcastles, eating ice cream and boardwalk rides. Our family is full of love and laughter.
Every one of our family and friends has been more than supportive through this whole process. We cannot express to you enough the amount of love and attention your child would receive from our family.

About Ally

Ally is very kind, warm, and focused. She challenges me to be better each and every day. I love her because of who she is, what she believes in, and how she is always looking to make a difference in our family’s life. Ally is also very dependable and the rock of our family. From a young age Ally perfected her skills in time management and multi-tasking. It makes her excellent at managing our household, developing her career, and raising our son Ziggy all at the same time. Ally absolutely loves being Ziggy’s mom and her world revolves around him. Whether it's sitting down to do arts and crafts, going for a walk, cooking, reading a book, or building a Lego city, she loves spending time with the family doing something fun and connecting with us every single day. Ally is a great mom and is eager for another addition to the family.

Our Family and Community

When we got married we thought about moving away, but then realized how important it was to have family nearby. When we adopted a baby boy 2 years ago, Ziggy, our parents and siblings were there with us almost every week for the first 6 months helping us with anything we needed. This really made such a strong connection between our son and his grandparents and aunts and uncles. Andrew’s sister also has two young daughters who dote so much on him and FaceTime with him often. Our son is the light of our lives. We devote almost all our time and attention to him. We know how much friendship and family means to him, and he is so happy to possibly have a baby sister or brother that he can share his experiences and wisdom with, and that he can care for and play with. We talk about his birth mother with him often. We have also been experiencing what it’s like raising a son of a different race, and how important it is for him to be in a community where he can have relationships with people who look like him and can be mirrors for him as he grows up.

Our Message to You (meaning the birth family)

Even though we cannot know what you are going through, we promise to always support you and give you any time that you may need. We think you are a brave and loving mother, and will always speak of you with honor and respect. We promise to love your little one unconditionally and provide them with a very loving, safe, and supportive home and family. We strongly believe in education and promise to give them every possible opportunity we can. We would love to have an open adoption where we can have visits and share photos and videos, but also understand if you would choose a different path. We are open to a scenario that would make you feel comfortable. We are excited to meet you!

Ally & Andrew

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