Andrew & Nick

  • Our wedding in Central Park
  • Dancing together at prom
  • Mexico with Andrew’s Mom and Stepdad
  • Dinner in NYC
  • Our last trip to Paris
  • Andrew playing a game with his nephew
  • Hanging out with friends in Indiana
  • Acting goofy at a wedding
  • Christmas with Andrew’s family
  • Nick’s famous Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Dinner in Chicago with friends
  • Cabaret in NYC
  • Nick’s sister and niece
  • Catching a Broadway show
  • Andrew’s brothers
  • Company party in San Francisco
  • Attending a wedding in TN
  • Snuggles with our niece
  • Andrew’s Grandma at Christmas
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Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. We’re Andrew and Nick, and we are so excited at the prospect of welcoming our first child as we look to expand our little family. Having dated since high school, our lives have led us from the Midwest to both coasts before settling down just outside of New York City. Through all of our time and travel together, we continue to fall more in love with each other every day and would genuinely consider each other as our best friend. Adding a child to our family has always been a dream of ours, and we can’t wait to love, nurture, teach, and create countless memories with our future son or daughter. We believe that a family is not based on biological relation, but on the love and support of those around you.

About Us

We met in 2007 while we were both still in high school in Indianapolis. We bonded over a shared love of theatre with Nick as president of stage crew at his school and Andrew as president of drama club at his. Andrew loved that Nick effortlessly integrated himself into his large and sometimes complicated family, and Nick fell for Andrew’s sharp wit and confidence in himself. We both knew we had something special from the start.

We went to colleges in separate states, but never stopped thinking about one another. Shortly after graduation, we rekindled our relationship, and it wasn’t long before Nick moved out to San Francisco to be with Andrew. The story continued from a proposal in front of the Golden Gate Bridge to a move to the east coast, a marriage in Central Park, countless travel adventures, two dogs, and hopefully a child in our next chapter to complete the family we have spent more than a decade building.


Finding humor in almost any situation is one of Andrew’s unique gifts. An extrovert, he has always had a knack for hamming it up for any crowd—big or small—and continues to do so (even if it is just for Nick and the dogs). That quality is probably what drew him to theatre in high school and college and is what still makes him such a social butterfly. He would also consider himself to be a curious person by nature, always trying to learn new things about the world and the people in it. In practice, that has led Andrew to value education as a cornerstone for his life.


Since elementary school, Nick has been a self-described nerd always following the latest tech news and releases, especially as it relates to video games. This interest eventually led him into the technical side of theatre as well. Nick also spends a good deal of time in the kitchen concocting all kinds of delicious meals, never afraid to try out a new, ambitious meal. Nick is very excited to begin growing this family with Andrew and provide a loving and nurturing environment.

Family Life:

While we both work in New York City, our home is where we like to spend a lot of our free time. Fortunately, we both have fairly flexible work schedules allowing at least one of us to be home almost every day. The dogs, a small mixed-breed and a golden retriever, probably appreciate that since they both love following us around the house to make sure they never miss out on any excitement.

On a typical day, we’ll make sure the dogs get in a good walk in the morning before work. Nick is constantly trying out new recipes, and we have dinner at the end of the day to catch up and unwind. We love spending time together whether it is simply watching one of our favorite shows or playing a game, which usually brings out our competitive sides. Weekends at home typically consist of dinners with friends, a Broadway show or cabaret in the city, or having a few friends over to relax and hang out.

We are both always up for an adventure, and love to travel. Each year, we make an effort to travel abroad, and often invite other members of the family to join. We also go to Indianapolis to visit family several times throughout the year since our parents still live about 15 minutes from one another, and we get to see both sides of our families whenever we’re home.

Friends and Family:

Andrew has a huge family made up of a diverse array of biological and stepparents and siblings. Growing up, Andrew’s parents made it a point that brothers and sisters were all family, regardless of whether they were biological or step. This created a very close family unit, even in unconventional circumstances, that has continued to thrive to this day. Now that his brothers have started having children of their own (five nephews and two nieces already!), the entire family is ecstatic at the prospect of Andrew and Nick adopting a child of their own to grow the family even further.

Big families come with big personalities and Andrew’s extended family knows how to have a great time. Every family event comes with a production of sorts. Whether it be a billiard tournament, a family talent show, flashlight tag in the woods, or pirate-themed scavenger hunts, there are always surprises in store to make sure everyone in the extended family has a memorable time.

Nick’s family is a little more straightforward than Andrew’s. Nick and his younger sister are only a couple of years apart in age and have always been close. They had some of the typical sibling rivalry growing up but have always been there to back each other up in any situation. Nick is a proud uncle to his sister’s first child with a second niece or nephew on the way! The whole family is thrilled to welcome Nick and Andrew’s child to the family too.

Nick’s extended family loves getting together for all of the typical holidays, but everyone also makes an effort to visit each other through the year; most live in Indiana, but the family extends to several other states as well. Every time we go back to Indiana, the whole family comes together for a barbecue or gathering of some kind.

Our friends are another huge source of support in our lives. We are fortunate to share an expansive network of friends all over the country from different chapters in our lives. Grabbing a bite to eat at new restaurants in NYC, watching our friends perform live music in a show or a band, or just hosting movie or game night are just a few things you'll find us doing with our community. We also love to travel, so it is fantastic to be able to get together with old friends whenever we end up in the same city.

Our Home and Community:

Nestled in a quiet community just miles from New York City, our home is in a suburban neighborhood of just over 7,000 residents. Our house was just built in 2020 and has plenty of space for us to grow our family. We live across the street from the middle school and a church, within walking distance to playgrounds, restaurants, and various parks. We love walking the dogs around town since everyone is so warm and welcoming, and there are always kids riding bikes around town and playing. Our neighbors occasionally surprise us with some home cooking or the most recent assortment of treats they have whipped up in the kitchen. During the summer, the community puts together block parties and live concerts in the park.

Our Message to You

We promise to provide your child with a loving, nurturing, and safe home.
We promise to teach your child the importance of working hard to achieve success and to celebrate the achievement.
We promise to provide your child with the best educational opportunities available.
We promise to be an example of honesty and trustworthiness to your child.
We promise to love your child unconditionally as our own.

Andrew & Nick

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