Anna & Damian

  • Attending a friend’s wedding this Summer
  • Being tourists in Sydney, Australia
  • Creating a space for a special little someone
  • Exploring Charleston
  • Announcing our move from Australia to the US
  • Our home
  • Drone shot of our yard
  • Baking Apple Pie in our new kitchen
  • Our park like yard
  • Our new kitchen and dining area
  • Damian’s parents and sister with their kids
  • Cutting our wedding cake
  • Anna’s brothers and sisters with their kids
  • Joey – our furry child
  • Floating on our honeymoon in Thailand
  • Ready for our close up
  • Were Damian asked Anna to marry him
  • Joey loves family photos
  • Selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower
  • Picnic in our yard
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Hello we are Anna and Damian. We are an Australian couple who now call the US home. We are beyond excited to grow as a family and welcome a child into our lives. We want to thank you for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us. We hope that this profile will let you into our world so that you can see the love we have for each other and our future family as well as our fun, curious and adventurous nature.

About Us

Collectively known as Dannana, we are an adventurous, creative, fun loving and responsible couple. Nothing is more important to us than being good parents. First thing you should know about us is that we love doing things together. We are extremely social and love to entertain our friends and family. We have been together for 10 years and married for 7 years

YES we are Aussies, well sort of. Damian is actually South African and moved to Australia when he was 14, but because he’s such an awesome guy the Aussies have claimed him. We have been fortunate enough to travel a lot with Damian’s job and now call the US home. Yup - 3 years ago we packed up our lives and our fur baby and moved across the world. It has been an absolute thrill. We have loved being able to travel to new places around the country and discover even more about each other. We’ve also been fortunate to make some incredible new friends over the last few years.

A bit about Anna - 31 (From Damian)
I met Anna when she was 21 and have loved every minute of getting to know her. Anna is that girl that can make you smile at any moment; she can make an empty room fill full. She has the biggest heart and an incredible way of making people feel comfortable. Anna helped me build our first house at 22 in Sydney and transformed it into a home. When we moved to the states she sprang into action again this time renovating a house into our dream home.

I would describe Anna as "Crazy creative" as she is always working on a craft project or coming up with brilliant ways to decorate for parties. She also has an innate sense of right and wrong and the need to help people. There are so many stories I have about how big her heart is, but I'd need an entire book. She loves to sing and dance, and its not uncommon for music to be blaring and a kitchen utensil to be become a makeshift microphone in our house. Quality food is important to both of us, so Anna took up growing vegetables. During the summer she grew so many that we could almost eat out of the garden every night.

Anna loves to cook, and there is nothing better than walking into our house and it smelling like a bakery. Watching Anna with our nieces is amazing. They adore her, and you can see what kind of mom she is going to be. When everyone else is worn out from playing games Anna is the one that is still going strong.

A bit about Damian – 33 (From Anna)
I love that I get to call him my husband. He is the complete opposite to me, Damian is a lot more reserved, logical he loves to understand why… So if something isn’t working he will pull it apart and work it out. He is so patient and care-free and I really admire all those qualities about him.

Damian is also the funniest guy I have ever met he can impersonate anyone or animal so story time with the nieces and nephews is amazing. Damian grew up in South Africa before moving to Australia when he was 14. He has had some once in a lifetime experience and tells great stories growing up in South Africa with all the animals.

In his spare time Damian has a passion for armature drone photography and Legos - this passion is slowly taking over our study as he builds car by car.

Speaking of cars, Damian loves them too and in particular Formula 1 racing and go-karting. Damian is such a good sport, I like to volunteer him for things and he just goes along with it. For example, they were looking for a hair model and I volunteered him thinking it would be a demo in a salon in front of 4 or 5 people... NOPE... he was in full make up on stage in front of 200 people and he was able to laugh about it.

Damian is that one person that can make you feel safe with one hug and in the same breath as the most loved human on earth. He is a fantastic uncle and is going to be the best dad.

Our Family

We are incredibly lucky to both come from very close and loving families who are beyond excited about this next chapter of our lives. We travel a lot to see family and them to see us so that we can spend as much time together. We often meet in new places and take holidays together creating even more memories.

Damian is from a smaller family where Anna is from a very large family. We LOVE our tribe of personality plus nieces and nephews who are just as excited to meet their new cousin.

Damian's parents live on a farm and raise animals, drive tractors, helicopters and motor bikes. Anna's parents live close to the beach and are always throwing family dinners and Sunday brunches

Our Home and Community

We live in a 5 bedroom house that Anna has created into a home. Located a few minutes from the beach in a leafy neighborhood full of young families. We started renovating almost immediately after moving in to build a cozy open concept home that we always dreamed about. We live on half an acre with a beautiful garden that resembles a park. In the summer time you can often find us hanging out around the pool with friends and a good old fashioned BBQ!

Our Message to You

We again want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope that you have learnt a bit more about the kind of life we could give a child and the kind of parents we will be. More than anything we want you to know that we love unconditionally. We promise to encourage every hope and dream and provide a lifetime full of love, adventure, education, laughter and respect. We will raise a child who has the freedom and the support to be whoever and whatever they want to be. We feel so proud to be part of your and your child story and we promise to always tell your story in a positive and loving way. Please also know that we will uphold our agreement with you regarding the level of openness. If you would like to learn more than what you have read on these pages, we’d love to talk to you. We would love nothing more than to connect with you on this journey.

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