Charu & Aurpon

  • Uncle Aurpon & his niece Neera getting manicures!
  • Aurpon loves New Jersey Pizza
  • Charu and her college friend's baby shower
  • Celebrating an anniversary at our favorite
    dog friendly restaurant
  • Enjoying burgers at Five Guys!
  • Charu enjoying all the dim sum!
  • Enjoying the sweet things in life, including cheesecake!
  • All dressed up to celebrate Diwali
  • Aurpon, his Mom & Charu dressed in their
    favorite Indian clothes
  • Charu and her mom dressed up like twins!
  • Charu & Aurpon giving ziplining a try in Sonoma, CA
  • Dressed up to see a superhero movie
    in coordinated shirts
  • Hosting Thanksgiving
  • All smiles for Charu and Aurpon
  • Bird watching with Aurpon's mom surrounded by
    the California redwoods
  • Wedding rehearsal dinner of our combined families
  • Where's Waldo Halloween family picture
  • Christmas picture with Charu, her mom
    and their family puppy Xena
  • Hiking in Yosemite National Park
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Hi! We are Charu & Aurpon. Thank you so much for taking time to learn about our family. We have always wanted to be parents and we’re thrilled to bring a child into our home through adoption. We understand that you have many potential parents on this important life journey. It is a significant decision and we hope we can help.

About Us:

We met almost ten years ago and have been married for six years. We are best friends and both of us enjoy cooking together and playing with our puppies Ted and Theo. Charu works as an environmentalist and Aurpon works as a research scientist. Charu is an exceptional baker and Aurpon enjoys running and listening to music and podcasts. Our relationship is built on mutual respect and lots of laughter.

A Day in the Life of Charu & Aurpon:

Our days begin with an early morning walk with Ted and Theo. Aurpon will always make Charu her morning cup of coffee with extra sugar and hazelnut flavoring! On weekends Charu usually whips up homemade pancakes or donuts while they plan out their day. We enjoy local walks/hikes and going to dog friendly restaurants. We like to watch action movies and sing along to pop songs when we have free time. We love to cook dinner together and enjoy spending time with local friends. Charu loves to experiment with different dessert recipes and Aurpon enjoys consuming all of the sweet treat experiments! The foundation of our family is love, respect, and communication. We hope we can instill these, and other, values into our future child.

Our Friends and Family:

Both of us are extremely family oriented and Charu is adopted herself from India. Charu’s parents live about 15 minutes away and we visit with them weekly for Sunday dinners. Aurpon has an older sister, Anjalee, who has two daughters, Neera and Maya. Aurpon’s mom, Sudha, lives with his sister in California. Both Charu’s and Aurpon’s parents are immigrants from India. Aurpon’s cousins and extended family live in New York while Charu has family around the world (India, UK, and Australia). We also have a network of friends throughout New Jersey, many who have children. We enjoy traveling to various places and spending time with family and friends. Our family and friends are excited for a new child to join our family and cannot wait to meet our little bundle of joy!!

Our Home & Community:

We live in central New Jersey near Princeton. Our 4-bedroom house with an already decorated nursery is ready for our baby to be! We have a spacious back yard that overlooks a beautiful lake. We love playing with our puppies Ted and Theo in the yard, as well as grilling on our patio. Due to the lake and lush greenery around our house there is an abundance of bird wildlife near our home. We can’t wait to play outside with a new child in the yard, take our child trick or treating in coordinated family costumes, go for family bike rides and take our child to the local park to enjoy the swings. Neighbors from all over town tell us how happy they are to raise their children within our family community. Please know that adoption has always been celebrated in our household and we are friends with many families who have adopted children of all ages.

Our Message to You:

We’ve wanted to be parents for as long as we can remember. We’re privileged to be able to adopt a child and can’t wait to bring a baby into our family. We understand that this is a difficult and overwhelming life decision for you and your family. We have nothing but respect for this selfless choice you are making. Please know that we will shower our baby with all the love and affection we have. Their story and heritage will be celebrated alongside ours. Regardless of who you choose, we hope your journey to finding the perfect parents for your baby is a loving one.

Sincerely and with all of our love,

Charu and Aurpon #TeamCharpon

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