Chris & Caity

  • On the Jetski
  • At the bay with Gita
  • Grabbing Pizza at the Boardwalk
  • Riding Bikes with Gita in town
  • At home
  • Road Trip to Maine
  • Chris and his Grandmother in Maine
  • Holiday Dinner with Chris' Grandmother
  • Chris & Gita at the firepit
  • Celebrating Gita's Adoptaversary with Chris' family
  • At the Marina
  • Caity gardening at home
  • Backyard deck and pool
  • Chris & Caity
  • Caity with sister and friends at Lady Gaga concert
  • Chris & Caity
  • With friends and nieces and nephews at a pool party
  • With friends in Atlantic City
  • Dressing up for Halloween with friends
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Thank you for clicking through our profile to catch a glimpse of our lives! We hope that you see just how much love we have to give a child and the hopes we have for the future! We cannot wait to bring a child into our home and fill their life with love, family, and adventures. We hope this will give you a glimpse into our lives and show that we are a loving, fun, and stable home. We want you to feel assured they would grow up in a safe and happy home.

About Us

We have been together for 15 years and married for 5. Fifteen years ago, while shopping at the outlets for a new pair of shoes, Chris met Caity as she tried selling him on a Buy One Get One Half Off promotion. Maybe it was her great sales tactics and smile, but they have been together ever since. First and foremost, we are friends. We make each other laugh, we trust each other undoubtedly and work through everything life throws at us as a team. From tackling college, buying and remodeling our first home, and now starting a family we couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone than as a team together.

Our Friends and Family

Our family and friends are so supportive and excited to see us start a family. Both Caity & Chris’ families are going to play an important role in their child’s life through family vacations to visit our friends and family and of course through our holiday traditions. With family members here in NJ, nearby in PA, DE, VA, SC & FL and even further away in CA, CO, and MT and Portugal, there are many people who are waiting to embrace a new child to the family.

Gita is our adopted rescue dog who we adore and have had for 5 years. We enjoy taking her to many different places on the weekends including the boardwalk, the beach, shopping at Home Depot, and even on some road trip vacations we’ve taken to Maine. She is a loving, funny, and loyal friend. Her favorite pastime at home is hanging out on the deck to watch squirrels and she loves watermelon and peanut butter. She will make an amazing “big sister” one day.

Our Home and Community

Our small town is great for a child to grow up in. Neighbors from all over town tell us how happy they are to raise their children within our Community. There is always something on the Community calendar from movies in the park, fireworks in the summer, parades for holidays and of course one of the largest Halloween events in the area. With the beach being a mile away for us to take our boat out, and plenty of playgrounds and sports fields within walking distance, we know we chose the right town to build our life in and start a family. We love our Home because we’ve made it our own. Our favorite space would be our backyard that we have turned into a very relaxing and beautiful place to hang out by the pool on the deck, or watch the butterflies in a lounger. In the summers you will see Chris grilling on the deck and Caity throwing the ball with Gita while we wait for family and friends to come join us in the pool.

Our Message to You

With all the respect to your boundaries we are open to sharing this experience with you and would be committed figuring that out with you together. We know these choices before you may seem difficult, overwhelming, or impossible, but know that we have so much respect and admiration for you because you are making these important decisions for you and your family. We know you are strong, selfless, and so full of love. It's for these reasons that we are confident that you will be able to navigate this leg of your journey!

All our Love,
Chris & Caity

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