Chris & Cartney

  • Cartney and Chris in DisneyWorld
  • Chris and Cartney with our dog Fiona
  • Cartney with his 2 cousins
  • Chris with his nephew, Connor
  • Both of our families on our wedding day
  • With the children in our family
  • Our 2 cats, Gizmo and Daisy
  • Chris’ family
  • Cartney with Fiona
  • With Cartney’s parents
  • With our family and friends on Christmas
  • With Cartney’s cousins
  • Horseback riding in Vermont
  • Our friends on our wedding day
  • Moving in to our home
  • Our house at Christmastime
  • Our backyard
  • Our town
  • Our wedding day
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Hi, we are Cartney and Chris. We met 12 years ago through mutual friends and have been together ever since. We have been married for 2 years. Adopting a child has been part of our plan since the beginning of our relationship. We are at a point in our lives where we are ready to become parents and to provide a loving home to a child. We are open to meeting the birth mother and will always feel grateful to you for choosing us to be the child’s parents. We would be comfortable sending you photos and updates and would consider whatever you are most comfortable with.

About Us

We value the time we spend with our families and are very much looking forward to having our own child to love and nurture. Our loved ones are very excited to welcome the newest addition to the family.

About Cartney, by Chris: When I see Cartney interact with children, I know he will make an awesome dad. Although he can be shy, he is also nurturing, empathetic, sentimental, and sensitive. His patience never ceases to amaze me. He always thinks through a situation and finds a possible solution. His interests are gardening, reading, remodeling our home, participating in church activities, spending time with friends, neighbors and family.

About Chris, by Cartney: Chris is an outgoing, ambitious, compassionate, thoughtful and creative person. He enjoys using his imagination to bring fun and excitement to everyday life. Another quality I enjoy is his humor. He is constantly making me laugh and sometimes even snort! He enjoys talking with other people and has a “gift for gab”! His interests are gardening, decorating, going to estate sales, antiques, designing logos and flyers and using Photoshop. We have two cats, Daisy and Gizmo and a dog named Fiona. Daisy is a gentle, calm, and affectionate ten-year-old female cat. Gizmo is a playful and affectionate seven-year-old male cat. Fiona is a four-year-old black Lab. She is a rescue dog and quite shy around new people but very loving and affectionate, especially to children!

Family Life

Throughout their life we will guide our child to explore and encourage them to try new things and to learn from their mistakes. We plan to provide an environment that is supportive, while teaching values and good behavior in a loving manner. There will be plenty of time for play and exploration. We will encourage our child to do well in school and to find out what their interests are so they can pursue their passions.

Our Friends and Family

We both have large extended families that get together regularly, and also for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. We enjoy watching our young family members play and have fun. It’s great to see the different generations together. We especially love summer barbecues where we can spend the first part of the day doing yard work and preparing the meal. We always have a great time grilling, cooking, listening to music, talking, laughing, playing games and eating.

We love to spend time with our friends during the holidays, at the beach, weekend getaways and parties. We are fortunate to remain close with many of the friends we grew up with. Between friends from our youth, work, church and neighbors, we are surrounded with love, laughter and together, we make great memories.

Our Home and Community

We live in a charming colonial home that is almost 100 years old. There are three bedrooms and one and a half baths. We have a great yard perfect for a child to explore, play tag or ball in the summer and build a snowman in the winter. We love entertaining and having a home that is welcoming to all.

We live in a historic section of our town, which is in Bergen County. Our house is walking distance to the town center, with a convenient train station, several restaurants and a community center that provides activities for children. Every year the town has a Christmas parade, and every summer the gazebo hosts various concerts. There is also natural beauty that includes ponds, brooks and parks. The town’s high school consistently ranks in the top 100 public high schools in the state.

Our Message to You (meaning the birth family)

We hope that you feel a connection with us through our story and our pictures. We are a loving and friendly couple with a great support system and look forward to the opportunity of becoming wonderful parents.

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