Chris & David

  • Our Wedding Day
  • Up, Up and Away!
  • Chris rocking out for Libraries
  • David’s Superhero Birthday
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Celebrating our pups’ birthdays!
  • Our nursery is all ready
  • David with our niece and nephew
  • Chris taking care of our nephew
  • Pink Party- supporting breast cancer research
  • At the Trevi Fountain wishing for a baby
  • Family celebration with David’s sister & her husband
  • David playing dress up with our niece
  • At our favorite place – Piazza Navona, Rome
  • Lunch in Italy with Chris’ parents
  • Lifelong Friends
  • 4th of July with David’s family
  • Game night with good friends
  • Ready for Santa in our Christmas PJs
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Hello! We are Chris and David. We are excited to become Dads and provide your baby a loving, supportive and happy home and a life full of opportunities and great experiences. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and to get to know us. This is such an important decision for you! We hope our profile will give you a sense of the love, home life and family we wish to provide for your child. We look forward to getting to know you and your little one.

About Us

Our story began on in 2006. After just a few dinner dates and watching episodes of Top Chef and Project Runway we knew this was the real deal. Chris was drawn to David’s charm and kindness and David was captured by Chris’ good heart and loyalty. We made things official with a civil union ceremony celebrated with family and friends in 2013. On our 2nd anniversary we legally married at home with family and our favorite priest.

We live in a beautiful home in New Jersey that we share with our two adorable dogs, Lily and Marley. We love to travel, enjoy music, the arts and spending time with family and friends. Two of our favorite destinations are Italy and Disney and we are excited to experience the world as a family. Christmas is our favorite holiday with its message of hope and love. We can't wait to share the magic of this season with a little one.

Our greatest wish is to be the best Dads we can be. We promise to provide a loving, safe and nurturing home for your child.

Meet David: What Chris Says

David comes from a tight knit family and is very close to his sister. He is an amazing uncle to her two young children and spends quality time with them each week. He takes charge of bedtimes, bath times, feedings, changings and laundry!

David is generous to a fault and the most loyal and devoted person. He enjoys pop culture and is happy to chill at home but loves the beach, concerts, shows and travel. David makes great chili and lasagna and is definitely in charge of the kitchen. He is a NY Giants fan and a super hero fan with a terrific collection of all things Wonder Woman.

David has had several careers with a decade in the corporate world and three years as a preschool teacher. He has been working in a hospital since his school closed during the pandemic. David is so patient and engaging with children, whether it's a whole classroom of preschoolers or one on one. All the kids, Moms and Dads love David. I know he will be a great father.

Meet Chris: What David Says

Chris is a kind, fair and supportive man. The original nice guy, he sees the good in everyone and is loved by all. He works every day to help people and make the world a better place. He's smart and as a librarian he loves to read, but mostly mysteries and nothing too serious LOL. Chris can't wait to read stories to a little one.

Chris coaches competitive marching bands and colorguards and loves the performing arts. He enjoys being creative and leads teenagers to grow and achieve. I’m sure he'll bring this to his role as a Dad. Yard work and the grill are Chris' domain. He's hardworking, dedicated and great under pressure. He loves ice cream, chocolate and is a big sap.

Chris is wonderful with my sister's children, playful and protective of them. He wants very much for us to have our own family. His family is loud, fun and always has each other's backs. They are a modern mix of re-marriages and steps and choose to be family through love. I know that this background will make him a great adoptive parent!

Our Home

Our home has plenty of room to grow our family with space for a play room and a nursery all ready for baby! We are in a friendly and diverse neighborhood with a park at the end of the block. There are often deer in the front yard, lots of flowering shrubs and trees and a fenced backyard for play. We love to entertain inside or out and enjoy having family and friends over. There are many opportunities nearby for the arts, sports, and family day-trips. We are excited to share many activities with a child and help them explore their interests and talents.

Our Family and Friends

We both have strong family values and have always wanted children. We are blessed with loving families excited to share in this next chapter of our live.

David's parents, sister and her family are just a few minutes away. Chris comes from a big blended Italian family that understands love is greater than genetics. His parents live in Florida while his 2 sisters and 2 step-brothers are in NY, NJ, CO and FL. We enjoy holiday get-togethers with great food and lots of laughs.

We have eight nieces and nephews and are very involved with the two youngest here in NJ. They will be great cousins for your little one. Our parents are eager to have another grandchild. Chris' parents look forward to introducing Disney World and Italy. David's parents can't wait for frequent visits and regular outings to the Jersey Shore.

Our close friends are thrilled to be honorary aunts and uncles. They are so supportive and excited for us to become dads. We have dear friends from afar that come for weekend visits and local friends we see regularly. Many of our friends are educators, musicians, and active in public service and the community. This child will never want for role models, mentors or opportunities. We know that our large network of family and friends will help ensure this child's happiness, sense of belonging and secure future.

Our Message to You

Thank you for getting to know us better and learning more about us as potential adoptive parents for your child. We appreciate the loving path to adoption you are considering and are grateful you are considering us to parent this baby.

Loving and caring for him or her will always be our top priority. We are ready for this responsibility and excited to be role models and dads. We look forward to taking this journey with you.

Thank you and best wishes,
Chris & David

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