Chris & Katie

  • New glasses with the nephew
  • Honorary members of “the kids club”
  • Celebrating New Year’s Eve
  • BBQ at Katie’s brother’s house
  • Annual Thanksgiving Day run
  • Chris’s sister’s grad school graduation
  • Backyard sunshine with the best friend
  • Baseball buddies headed to a game
  • Italy vacation with Chris’s family
  • Katie following the family pierogi recipe
  • Chris cooking up homemade ravioli
  • Christmastime shenanigans
  • Beach yoga with Chris’s family
  • ‘Tis the season for matching PJs
  • Saxophone jams with the pup
  • Snow day with the neighbor
  • Couch cuddles with the doggo
  • Backyard patio after big mulch project
  • dressed up for a friend’s wedding
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Hello! We are Katie and Chris, and thank you for your time to read our story and get to know us. We have always known that adoption would be the right path for us to grow our family, and we are so excited to be on that journey today. Adoption is such an important decision, and we promise to support you as you navigate what’s best for yourself, your family, and your child. We hope our profile will give you a glimpse into our family life and how much love we have to give.

About Us:

Our story first began in 2004 in central New Jersey. We met at a vocational high school for students interested in math and science, and we built our friendship over a shared love of board games. When it came time for graduation, we happily discovered that we both planned to attend Cornell University for college. We both pursued engineering degrees at Cornell, and we leaned on each other for support as study buddies. Chris was the physics expert, and Katie was the chemistry pro. By the end of our first semester, it was clear that we had a true bond. Our relationship stayed strong through college and into adulthood, and in 2015, we were married surrounded by the joy and love of our family and friends.

We’ve since built a beautiful life for ourselves and our dog Tide at our home in a quiet suburban town, not far from where we grew up. We enjoy cooking together, hiking, games, and quality time with friends and family. We both come from close-knit families, and we have always wanted to build our own. Family is very important to us, and we are looking forward to welcoming a child into ours through adoption.

Meet Katie: What Chris Says

Katie grew up in central New Jersey with her mom, dad, and three older brothers. While her brothers jokingly say their parents had “three hits and a miss,” I think they hit a home run with Kate.

She was taught the importance of family values at a young age. Despite having her hands full with school, extracurriculars, and social events, Katie made a point to prioritize time at home. As we developed our relationship, I began participating in family gatherings, birthdays and holidays, and I’ve grown to really appreciate all the love and support her extended family has to offer.

Katie has an infectious, fun-loving personality. She goes out of her way to take care of others and make them feel comfortable. I appreciate her pushing me to try new things despite being a self-proclaimed “extraverted introvert” herself. Outside of work as a chemical engineer, she enjoys yoga, NY Times puzzles, and audiobooks. She brings her adventurous spirit to the kitchen as well, always exploring new cuisines and trying new recipes. Truthfully, some are hit or miss!

In all seriousness, she’s smart and self-motivated, warm and thoughtful, and a supportive partner. I know she’ll make a great mom.

Meet Chris: What Katie Says

Chris grew up on the Jersey Shore in a close-knit and loving family together with his sister, mom, dad, and step-dad. As a blended family, they put deliberate effort into prioritizing and making time for each other. Throughout Chris’ childhood, they built beautiful family traditions (mostly around food) that we all still come together for today. Pierogis at Christmas, marshmallow fluff at Thanksgiving, and roast beef on birthdays are just a few personal-favorite examples.

Chris is the perfect balance of serious and silly. By day he'll be developing cutting-edge new technology at his job as a Product Manager, and by night he'll be dancing to Italian music with me in the kitchen as we whip up some homemade pasta. He enjoys baseball (go Yankees!), podcasts, and time at the Jersey Shore. He's intelligent, witty, and easy-going. He’s got strong family values, infinite patience, and a generous spirit.

As our extended families have grown over the years, I love how quickly Chris became and embraced his role as a favorite uncle across all ten of our nieces and nephews. Watching how he interacts with them, it’s clear he is meant to be a parent. He brings out the best in them, encouraging and adapting to each of their unique personalities. I can’t wait to see him as a father to our own child, who I know he will love and support unconditionally.

Our Home

We live in a cozy four-bedroom home in a quiet suburb of central New Jersey, within an hour's drive of most of our family and friends. Some of our best memories are made right in our backyard, where we garden together and play fetch with our dog Tide. With one of the bigger, fenced-in yards on the block, we often find ourselves hosting the neighborhood kids and dogs for play dates. Our neighborhood is friendly and inclusive, with folks always willing to lend a helping hand.

Our community is super family-friendly and invests well in schools, extracurricular programs, and town activities. We love walking uptown for parades, festivals in the park, and (Katie’s favorite) the weekly farmer's market. There’s always something to do or learn, and we’re looking forward to sharing these experiences with our future child.

Our Family and Friends

Sharing the news of our adoption plan with our family and friends has been such an affirming experience. Everyone is overjoyed to welcome another child into our family, most especially our ten nieces and nephews who are beyond excited to meet their new cousin.

Katie’s family all live local in the New Jersey / New York area. We love any excuse for a big family get-together, whether it be a holiday, a birthday, or just celebrating that Jersey tomatoes are back in season. Chris’s family has spread out geographically in recent years, from rocky Colorado to sunny Florida, but our traditions keep us coming together often.

We've grown up with our some of our closest friends since childhood, and we've been lucky to share in all the ups and downs of life together. Quality time together can mean something as big as a group trip to explore a new country or something as simple as an evening of take-out and board games.

Our future child will grow up surrounded by a strong support network of these friends and family.

Our Message to You

Thank you for taking this time to get to know us, and for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child. We know this isn’t easy, and we admire your courageous decision to consider making an adoption plan. We extend our support and love to you no matter where you are in that journey.

We are ready to grow our family through adoption, and we promise any child in our home will be deeply loved, embraced for who they are, and encouraged to grow into who they want to be.

With Love,

Chris and Katie

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