Chris, Priscilla, & Malachi

  • On a Caribbean cruise
  • Chris & Malachi on a Father’s Day kayak trip
  • Our annual Christmas NYC visit
  • 3rd wedding anniversary on Lake Hopatcong
  • Our beagles Arlow & Betsy
  • Enjoying a game at Yankee Stadium
  • Hiking in upstate New York
  • Our wedding day
  • Celebrating Chris’ birthday with his family
  • Father’s Day with Priscilla’s family
  • Enjoying a fall day at the farm
  • Family day at Christmas tree farm
  • Showing pride in our military background
  • Trip to Grand Canyon
  • Trip to Puerto Rico
  • Celebrating the purchase of our first home
  • Snowtubing in the Poconos
  • 4th of July fireworks
  • Family trip to Texas
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Hello we are Christian, Priscilla, and Malachi. We want to first thank you for taking the time to click through our profile and learn more about us. We are a very loving and caring family and we hope that you see that when looking through our photos.

If you choose our family, we want to assure you that your child will have a stable home, a loving family, and a home with strong values.

About Us:

Our story began back in May of 2016 when we met working at the Department of Veteran Affairs. We are both Veterans of the United States Military. Chris was in the Marine Corp and Priscilla was in the Air Force. Chris was working as a Police officer while Priscilla was working as a Secretary at the time. We were introduced to one another through one of Priscilla’s co-workers and the rest is history. We first built a strong friendship foundation before we started to officially date in May 2017. By December 2017 we were engaged and then married in September 2018. We shared many of the same qualities that we wanted in a partner and we knew that were meant for each other. We both love the outdoors, love to travel, and love spending time with our families. Chris is currently a truck driver and Priscilla is an Operations Support Specialist. Even though we may at times have a busy schedule, having family dinner every night is very important to us. It’s our time to wind down and enjoy our relaxing time together.

Family Life:

Our family currently consists of the two of us along with Malachi who is 13-years old. Malachi is Chris’s son from a previous relationship. Our daily lives consist of going to work and coming home to our dogs and enjoying time with them. We love when the weekends approach because that is when Malachi is with us and we get to enjoy time with him. We love to incorporate family days out, long walks with our dogs, and family time with both of our extended families. We know that our life will change with this opportunity but we are so excited for this upcoming change. Our marriage and family are so ready for a new member.

Arlow and Betsy are our 2 loving beagles and are a big part of our daily family life. They are amazing family dogs and love to eat, play, and sleep. They love people and are the best to cuddle with. They have a great relationship with their big brother Malachi. We love to take them on long walks, car rides, dog parks, and vacations.

Our Friends & Family:

Family is really important to us and we take it very seriously. Along with spending time with each other, we also love to spend time with our extended family. Chris comes from a large family with his mom, siblings (older brother and sister) and many nieces, nephews, cousins, and grandma. His family resides here in New Jersey along with North Carolina and Puerto Rico. Priscilla has a small family that consists of her mother, father, older sister, and two nieces. Priscilla’s family all live here in New Jersey. Both of our families are very excited with our decision to adopt and can’t wait to add another member to the family. We love going to our family’s homes on weekends to enjoy dinners, holidays, and different events.

Our Home & Community:

We just bought our very first home and have been very excited in updating it and making it our own. Our home is a 3-bedroom ranch style home with a great size fenced-in backyard ready for family events, BBQs, and relaxing under the stars. We love to spend time at home watching TV, Malachi and Chris playing video games, and the dogs relaxing on the couch looking out the window. We have already designated one of the bedrooms as the nursery and we look forward to decorating it for our future child. Our community is very family oriented with many surrounding parks and activities. We see kids riding their bikes, neighbors walking their dogs, and everyone has been very welcoming. Even though we haven’t lived in our current home very long, we already love it. The quietness at night, the family bonfires that we enjoy in our backyard, and the many memories that we are looking forward to making.

Our Message to You:

We would like to thank you once again for taking the time in looking through our family profile and learning more about us. We know that this time may be very difficult for you but know that we are very thankful for the decision that you are making in having an adoption plan for your family. You are very brave and loving for choosing this path. We want you to know that we will love this child with everything that we have and provide him or her with a stable, loving, and caring home. We will provide the avenues that they need to follow their dreams, passions, and goals in life. We hope that you are able to see who we are and our values that we hold as a family through this profile. We promise to always love your child and be open about their adoption. We look forward to taking this journey with you.

With Love,

Chris, Priscilla, and Malachi

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