Efstratios & Darwin

  • Darwin and I Dancing.
  • Darwin's family.
  • Efstratios' Family.
  • Darwin and Efstratios and their godson.
  • Efstratios' Parents, Brother and Girlfriend
    and Darwin and Efstratios.
  • Darwin and his siblings.
  • Efstratios' Family and Darwin in the Dominican.
  • Darwin, Efstratios, Efstratios' Brother
    and his girlfriend, Gill.
  • Luna in our dining room.
  • Darwin and Efstratios at our wedding.
  • Darwin and Efstratios on Fire Island.
  • Darwin and Efstratios at our niece's Sweet 16.
  • Darwin's family and us in El Salvador.
  • Christmas time.
  • Friends at our house.
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Hi! We are Darwin and Efstratios from New Jersey! We are ready to give our unconditional love to a child and expand our family through adoption! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Even though we do not know you yet, we have a great deal of respect and admiration for you. We cannot begin to understand all that you are going through but our wish is that we can communicate to you through our story how ready, able, and inspired we are to share our love with a child.We have always dreamed about having a family, it has been a part of our love story from the start. Coming from large families ourselves, our greatest memories are surrounded by siblings and our extended family. Efstratios' mother is one of ten children and Darwin is one of eight. A large, loving family has always been part of our dream. Now, we believe it is time for us to begin our journey. Adoption is the most viable option for us and we are excited to begin.

About Us

Despite being born worlds apart, we found each other. We became believers in fate the night we met. In a crowded room, our eyes met and it was an instant connection. Our story has grown over the past nine years and we continue to be grateful for that fateful night. We quickly started dating and consequently spent every afternoon together from December 4th 2009 onward. It was obvious from the beginning that we had a very strong connection. We had several likes and dislikes in common and both found that we shared the same dreams. Now we find ourselves ready for the next step in our lives; to become parents.

Family Life

Darwin and I both come from large families. This means we have a huge number of cousins! In fact, Efstratios has over twenty cousins and Darwin has over twenty nieces and nephews. Our families are warm and inviting and eagerly awaiting new additions to our clan. Additionally, most of our friends have just begun their own journeys in building their families as well. This means our child will have so many children their age to play with, grow, and learn. Together, our two families represent a support system that is ironclad and beneficial. We don't know what we would do without them and we are so thankful that we have them in our lives.

Our Home

Our home is located in a rural area of New Jersey yet still only 40 minutes to the beach. We live in an area with excellent schools, several opportunities for community events, and a calm atmosphere away from the most dense parts of the state. Our home is a duplex and Darwin's sister lives next door to us! She has already agreed to take care of our child after we return to work and before s/he goes to school

Our Message to You

Overall, we know that we have so much love to give a child and we hope that you can recognize that love through these short windows into our lives. We know that every journey by every person is unique and difficult and we support your decision whatever that may be. We are so thankful that you have taken the time to look through these pages and we wish you the best of luck in your own personal journey! Know that if we are given the opportunity to adopt this child, we will do our best to give it the best life that s/he deserves!

Thank you again!

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