Eric & Eric

  • Eric 1 by Mount Everest.
  • Eric 1 and two furry friends in the back seat.
  • Eric 2 ready for whale watching in Iceland.
  • Eric 2 in ancient ruins in Peru.
  • Eric 2’s extended family.
  • Eric 1’s extended family.
  • With mom and friend in California.
  • With mom and friends in Miami.
  • With friends in Paris.
  • With Eric 1’s sister and cousin.
  • At Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan.
  • In Cartagena, Colombia
  • In Norway
  • Tug-o-war…kind of.
  • With friends’ kids.
  • Our playroom.
  • Our outdoor playground.
  • Our “backyard” in the winter.
  • Eric 1 cooking.
  • The future nursery.
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Hello!!! We are Eric and Eric also known as “The Erics”. Many friends and family call us Eric 1 and Eric 2, or E1 and E2.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We are so excited to be on this adoption journey and to raise our future child with every opportunity to be happy and successful, to explore the world, and enjoy life. We will surround our future child with the love of our friends and family. We hope you will consider us for raising your child.

About Us

Ours is a story of love, adventure, support, and humor. Our relationship is one of equals as we share responsibilities equally; we have respect for each other; most of all we love each other. Our love and support of each other is what brought us together and it is what keeps us together. Most important is our ‘big’ family: that is, the family that is us two, which we hope will soon be three, plus the families we grew up with, plus the family that includes all of our close friends.

Our home is filled with laughter because laughing with each other is one of our favorite things to do—telling jokes, playing silly word games, reciting funny movie lines, or just finding humor and joy in everyday life. It makes our home peaceful and happy.

Eric 1’s description of Eric 2:

I can honestly say that I’ve never met anyone like Eric. To me he is the perfect combination of all the qualities I sought in a partner—he is smart, fun, kind, patient, thoughtful, and caring. He approaches life with sincerity and a determination to leave the world a better place and he does that every day—through his profession, through his friendships, through his creativity, and through his positive outlook on life.

When we travel, Eric is always seeking out something that will make the trip memorable. Whether it is supporting an orphanage in Nepal or taking stunning photographs, Eric finds a way to make every adventure meaningful. When we are at home, Eric makes sure that it is a place of comfort and happiness. His organization skills keep me calm (if not on my toes) and it allows us more time to spend on those things that bring us joy like hiking or spending time with friends and family.

Eric 2’s description of Eric 1:

Eric is my best friend and the love of my life. He is the most empathetic person I know who wishes he could help all the suffering people of the world. He is a thoughtful person with boundless curiosity. He doesn’t make decisions impulsively and when he speaks, it’s always sincere, often insightful, and founded in reason. He also has something of a photographic memory and a trove of trivia in his brain. (I keep telling him he should try out for Jeopardy.) He loves to laugh. He is playful and funny and never above laughing at himself. He is the best story teller I know. He tells stories like he lives his life, whole-heartedly, delving into every emotion. Eric has made me a better person. He is the best husband, and he will be an amazing father. He will instill a confidence in our child to be passionate about convictions and to stand up for what is fair.

Family Life

We are so excited to bring a child into our lives…to share our adventures, to laugh with each other, to raise a child who respects, loves, and cares for himself and all the world around him like we strive to do every day.

We prize learning and we will strive to provide every opportunity to help our child grow intellectually, emotionally, civically, and personally. Providing a stable, caring environment filled with love, laughter, and adventure is just the foundation. We will also strive to ensure our child finds his educational needs provided for in every stage of development; that his physical wellbeing is nurtured and all care and comfort is provided; that he will be supported emotionally in all endeavors of his life from school to love and from sports to work; and that he is raised with a sense of purpose in the world.

Our Friends and Family

We have a close-knit circle of friends and family…a circle that is welcoming, nurturing, and inclusive. Across many different generations, genders, religions, nationalities, races, cultures, occupations, and experiences, our friends and family help us remember the important things in life—generosity, tolerance, attentiveness, and care.

Our friends and family are so supportive of us in this process, and we know we can count on them to be an extended network of care, love, and joy for the child we bring into our family.

Our Home

We live in a spacious 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment in a secure high-rise with lots of amenities for families and lots of other families and kids. The building is located in a suburb with great schools and a vibrant community. We are not far from great museums and theaters of the big city, but also next to a great park with nature trails.

Our promise to you…

Our road to building our family is based on the decision you make for your child today…and for that we are deeply grateful. We promise to fill our home with love, understanding, and joy. We will work hard to ensure there are endless possibilities and opportunities for whatever your child desires. We will strive to raise your child to become everything they can dream and make sure they are aware of the love that has surrounded them from the very beginning of their life.

With love and respect,
Eric& Eric

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