Erin & Dave

  • Dave, Erin, & Ben
  • Us at a friend’s wedding
  • Our playful pup named Sadie
  • Erin baking with her cousin’s daughter
  • Erin, her parents, and her sister celebrating
    her graduate school graduation
  • Sunday morning comic book reading
  • Our home in northern NJ
  • A big smooch!
  • Christmas day with Dave’s family
  • A vacation shot in Mexico
  • Easter with Erin’s family
  • Erin with her sister and best friend
    since 3rd grade
  • Dave and his dad at a Rutgers basketball game
  • A family photo down the shore
  • Thanksgiving dinner with Dave’s family
  • Dave posing with the kiddie table
    on Christmas Eve at our house
  • Enjoying a long weekend in Cape May
    with good friends
  • Erin and her dad at a Giants game
  • Celebrating July 4th with friends in Virginia
  • Erin, her mom, and sister celebrating
    their mom’s birthday
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Hi! We’re Erin and Dave! We are honored that you are taking the time to read about us. We have loved being parents and dream of having another child to share our love with. We care deeply about raising children to be kind, courageous, and confident. We value our family above all else and are committed to making sure we have a home filled with love, joy, and lots of laughter. Know that any child who joins our little family will always be treasured and loved beyond belief.

About Us

We have been together for over a decade and married for the last eight years. We were set up on a blind date by Erin's "aunt." After dating casually for about a month, we became inseparable. By the end of the summer, we were in love. We got engaged the following summer and married a year later. As a couple, we enjoy spending time relaxing at home, going out to eat, and visiting with family and friends. We have a biological son, who is now in first grade. We also have a beagle/whipped mix, named Sadie.

About Dave (from Erin): I was initially attracted to Dave's humor, his outgoing nature, and his looks. Over time, I learned he was also kind, generous, and smart. I love how passionate he is about things that are important to him--from our family to Rutgers basketball. He fully puts himself into what he cares about. He's open and honest. He's a reliable friend and son, who is consistently willing to help others. He is an amazing, hands-on dad, and I am honored to call him my husband.

About Erin (from Dave): Erin is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. She devotes herself deeply to our family, our home, and her work. The first thing that attracted me to Erin was her smile and her looks. When she laughs, it brightens my day. I love how much Erin cares about the Giants and organizing events at our home. She is always so happy when we have a house full of people. She is kind and always tries to put other before herself, which makes me very proud of her. She loves us deeply, and we love her.

Our Family

Dave’s parents are retired educators. He also has a younger brother, who is married with a young son. Erin’s parents are also retired from their careers in teaching and architecture. She has an older sister, who is married with two sons. Both of our parents and siblings live in nearby towns and help us out with babysitting and household projects. We see our families frequently.

Our extended family is a little unique in that it has expanded several times through adoption. Erin's two nephews are adopted from Guatemala. Her cousin was also adopted as an infant. Now, he has adopted three siblings. We can't wait to bring a new baby into our crew!

Our Home and Community

We live in the suburbs of northern New Jersey. We have a beautiful home with a great backyard for playing and barbecues. We love our town because of the numerous parks, restaurants, and community activities. We have made a lot of close friends and can't imagine living anywhere else. We’re also very lucky that our parents in siblings living in nearby towns, and we get to see them all the time.

Our Message to You

We both grew up in homes filled with love, security, and affection. We vow to provide this for your child. We know that you are considering the adoption process after much thought and consideration. We have not come to our decision to adopt lightly either. We are fully committed to growing our family and have lots of love left to give. We are honored that you took the time to listen to our story. We hope we can become part of your story.

Wishing you well,
Erin & Dave

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