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Hello we are Meetu and Gee Kay and thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We have been married for 13 years now and are very excited to start our family through adoption. We do not have any children and are looking forward to providing all the love and care in the world for your child.

We both have secure jobs in our organizations in mid-level executive roles. We are open to working with anyone anywhere in the United States to fulfill our desire of becoming parents to your wonderful child.

About Us:

We have known each other for over 20 years now, having met first in Engineering School in India. We started dating around 15 years back and have been married for 13 years now. Meetu has the artistic bone in the family and has a uncanny knack of making ordinary things look amazing. Gee Kay likes to indulge in physical activities like playing tennis, ping-pong and working on home improvement projects.

Gee Kay works in Business Consulting while Meetu is a Technology Project Manager for one of the largest US Banks. Both of us like to be outdoors and explore new places as it is our shared passion to see the world.

We are first generation immigrants to the US with our extended families spread all over the world (India, Canada, Australia, Europe). We come from large families back home and understand the importance of having a family and feeling of a sense of belonging in the world.

We take regular holidays to Europe, Caribbean, and within the Americas. We are waiting to visit Disneyworld after we start a family so that we can experience the magic together and have shared memories of that place.

Family Life:

Our daily life involves us both starting work either in the office or from home, but we make it a point to maintain work-life balance so that we devote time to each other and are able to do activities together. We cook almost all of our meals at home which gives us the opportunity to share our day over cooking and eating. We are out and about during weekends taking lazy walks around town, going for drives in the car or on our motorcycle. Our family values are based on love, trust, communication, and respect for each other. These are the values we want to share with our future child as well to make a citizen of the world.

Our Friends and Family:

Family is one of our core values and we are both very family oriented. In fact, most of our best childhood memories come from time spent with family. Meetu’s family is Sikh and Gee Kay’s family is Hindu so as you can imagine we had a big fat Indian wedding. Our siblings include a brother for Meetu and a younger sister for Gee Kay. We are currently the proud Aunt and Uncle of 3 amazing nephews. Our friends have also been in our lives for a very long time so we consider them to be more like family. We enjoy spending time with all of our loved ones and can’t wait for the day to add our child to the mix.

Our Home and Community:

We live in a quiet suburban town with parks, playgrounds and hiking trails in the vicinity. Our home is a 5-bedroom colonial with plenty of options to convert one of the bedrooms into a nursery. We have a finished attic space which is perfect for a game room. We have a decent sized backyard with the perfect spot to install swings and outdoor play area. We bought the house in keeping with our desire to start a family and our town fits the bill perfectly with a great school system with lots of activities for young children.

Our Message to You:

We always wanted to be parents and raising a child who is loved and has a place in the world. We are ready to become parents and have so much love to shower on this child. We will always cherish the baby and feel blessed for the rest of our lives if we do become parents through adoption. Regardless of who you choose we hope that your baby finds the perfect home and grows up to be an amazing individual.

Gee Kay & Meetu

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