Jason & Andrea

  • Enjoying an evening out at a fundraiser
    for Michael’s Feat Gala.
  • Andrea getting excited for another
    school year influencing little minds.
  • Our adoption photo shoot, dreaming of baby!
  • Our home is built with love and dreams.
  • Bentley our fur baby enjoying the snow.
  • Kayla and Sarah in Cancun, Mexico sampling
    delicious food.
  • We love the beach—our happy Place!
  • Our Wedding day, grateful hearts.
  • Family boating adventure in Mexico
  • Attending a Yankee game in NYC! Big fans!
  • Enjoying the outdoors at a festival
  • Loving the Christmas season with holiday cheer
  • Visiting Monmouth Park Racetrack for a day
    of family fun
  • Wedding Rehearsal at our church
    anxiously waiting to join hands
  • Creating special memories at dinner
  • Our Costa Rica rainforest adventure exploring
    a beautiful country
  • We love trying new restaurants.
    Everyday is a day to celebrate.
  • Vacation time viewing the greatest
    street art collection in Miami Beach
  • Just jumping into laughter together
    at a festival of ballooning
  • Sarah and her dad navigating in their canoe
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Welcome to our story~ Our love for one another has grown deeply throughout the years. It is our hope to build our family through adoption. We recognize everyday is a gift. We are Andrea and Jason from New Jersey. Since the beginning of time, there was a dream to raise and nurture a baby, and to share our love for this precious blessing. We have faith and know that together we will provide a warm, loving home with the idea “that the sun rises and sets on them, who delights in their existence and loves them unconditionally.” ~Leo. We cherish the day that our souls meet. With long awaited joy and love in our hearts, we promise to give you a sense of peace knowing that Our Story will always read, LOVE. Thank you for sharing with us your strength, and bravery to help complete our story. WE hope that we can be part of your journey and give you peace with your decision.

About Us

When Jason and I first got married, we walked down the aisle to the song, “God Gave Me You", by Blake Shelton through hard times in life we have stood by each other’s sides. We take in each day with gratitude, knowing that both the highs and lows serve a purpose in the unfolding of your life. Perhaps, God will help us find the precious child that we will raise. A dream of ours has always been to become parents together. I have been a school teacher for sixteen years, and Jason is retired from a long, established professional career. We will teach our child how to be respectful, kind, trustworthy, brave and all the character traits that make them super special! Jason and I will show a child what unconditional love means and the morals in life to establish everlasting friendships. Our child will also be influenced to find their inner unique style. We have traveled throughout the United States and various countries such as, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Antiqua, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. Throughout our visits, we enjoy exploring wildlife, boating, water sports, and learning about different cultures. One of our favorite memories was feeding the Capuchin Monkey in Costa Rica.

Family Life

Our family consists of Kayla, Sarah, and fur baby Bentley. Kayla is studying at college to become a physical therapist. Sarah attends high school and enjoys playing tennis and soccer. The girls would make amazing sisters to their new baby sibling. The girls have a strong work ethic in and out of the classroom. Bentley is a Bichon poodle mix that it the most adorable pup in the world! Whether playing all day or cuddling with the family, Bentley promises to be your most loyal and loving companion. As a family, we enjoy traveling throughout the United States and various countries. Whether is is attending a Yankee game or taking a few day trips, as long as we are all together enjoying the day that is all that matters.

Our Friends and Family

We are very blessed to have amazing friends and family in our lives. They can not wait to love our baby with open arms. We have so much support in the journey, and be assured that as a birthmother/parents that your baby will be loved by entire village. We look forward to sharing the love and joy we have in our hearts. As a family, we love to go to baseball games, festivals, and relaxing on the beach. As a tradition, every year, during the holidays we go to the local farm to cut down our Christmas tree. We love to try new activities as a family to create special memories. Future big sisters welcome this new blessing with open arms. The girls will show their live, laugh, love way of life. They will provide their sibling with love, guidance, support and respect. Whether it is searching for the best pumpkin at the farm or playing a game of Uno, the girls greet the day with love in their hearts and know that they are loved. Bentley is six years old and is a huge bundle of fun. He loves babies and children. He even has a Pooh bear that he sleeps with at night. Bentley will be a wonderful companion to any child. He really gets excited when we take him to the local park to say Hi to all his furry friends. He will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Our Home and Community

Home is our starting place of love, hope, and dreams. We love our Colonial home located on a quiet cul-de-sac. Our nursery displays a nautical theme with a beautiful white crib and a whale rocker that is giving us a lot of faith and joy in daydreaming about bringing our precious baby home to it. We have a beautiful backyard with lots of visitors from birds, bunny rabbits, and an occasional turtle. Our neighborhood is close to the park, and a nearby marina where we often walk to bring the ducks some bread. We have caring, friendly neighbors that also have children of their own.

Our Message to YOU

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We feel it takes a lot of courage and bravery to begin your journey. With our heart and soul we will promise to nurture, protect, and cherish this blessing in every way. We look forward to connecting with the you to complete our story. It has been an everlasting dream to our prayers. Hopefully, our souls will find each other in this life, and one day we can tell the story of faith and hope.

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