Jason, Stephanie & Anastasia

  • We met through a friend who knew we would hit it off (Painted ladies)
  • We both love music
  • And how silly we can be together (my beauty mask)
  • He likes my beach hat
  • We said “I do” at a beautiful outdoor ceremony
  • First steps as man and wife
  • At a NJ Devils hockey game
  • Find the cat – our gray guy, Harley, in our living room
  • Our house ready for Christmas
  • Our tabby cat, Diego, soaking up some warmth by the fire and Christmas tree
  • Stephanie candle making with college friends
  • At a Mets game with Jason’s brother and sister
  • Anastasia and Grandpa love reading
  • Grandma and Anastasia
  • At Sesame Place with Burt and Ernie!
  • Playing with Grandma and Grandpa in our front yard
  • Horse farm behind our house
  • With Santa
  • Nursery is ready!
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Hello! We are Stephanie and Jason. Although we haven’t met you yet, we want to thank you for your courage in looking into an adoption plan for your precious baby. We cannot begin to understand how difficult this decision is for you, but we want you to know that you are a blessing to your baby and to your baby’s future parents. We want you to know as much about us so that you can feel confident you have made the best decision for you and your little one. We thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

About Us

We met through a mutual friend in 2014, and from the night we met we walked out of the restaurant hand in hand and never looked back.
Jason and Stephanie met through a mutual friend, Tina. Tina felt strongly that we should meet and knew that even if it weren’t a love connection, we would most assuredly be friends. We arranged to meet together for a casual hang out. We quickly started talking and there was a familiarity about each other that led the conversation to continue, and it felt like poor Tina was no longer there! After that night we arranged for our first ‘real’ date the following night, and have been together since then.
We shared many of the same interests, such as spending quality time with family and friends, yoga, tacos, a love of music and cars. Stephanie always liked cars but Jason introduced her to the car club where we enjoy learning about driving on a road course and have met a wonderful community of people. Jason has since become a driving instructor. We were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony by a lake in September 2016 and have since bought a home together and had our first child, Anastasia Grace (Ana for short) in January of 2020! As a married couple we understand the importance of comprise, hard work, forgiveness, compassion, and honesty, and having Ana has strengthened our relationship and communication skills even more.
Stephanie works at a pharmaceutical company creating labeling for pharmaceutical products, compiling data from clinical trials and other sources into the package insert (including what to take the medication for, how to take it, the risks, etc.). Jason works in finance at a contract research organization supporting the pharmaceutical industry. Stephanie works from home full time, and Jason is also working full time from home due to the pandemic but expects to return to the office a few days a week. Even though we both have careers, family is our number one priority. Although this pandemic has been very devastating to our world, the silver lining is that working from home it gave us a lot of quality time working from home where we were able to experience most of our daughter’s firsts! It also allowed her grandmothers to each spend two full days a week creating memories with her.

About Jason

Jason is kind, funny, and lives life to the fullest. I always say thankfully he is finally a father because he is always cracking “dad jokes”, the kind kids love to roll their eyes at but secretly chuckle. He was raised in a family that didn’t have much, but had each other and always put family first. He has assumed those values, and I see how family is his first priority in everything he does. He co-signed for his brother’s college loan so that his brother could go away to college, while Jason stayed home and worked while attending community college. Ana is the light of his life! When we first had her, like most first time dads, he wasn’t sure what to do; but they have quickly developed a very special and deep father-daughter bond. He chases her around and we all love to play hide and seek, taking turns shushing each other to be quiet while the other parent comes to find us. Jason is an incredible father, and I am so grateful to have him as my husband and father of our precious child. It has been wonderful seeing the man I love grow into an even better version of himself and an amazing father. He always put us first!

About Stephanie

Stephanie is the light of life in our family. She brings her funny, loving and caring nature to every situation and also when it comes to our daughter. She is always looking for another fun thing for us to do as a family. As successful Stephanie has been in her work career, she shows every day she brings that same dedication to raising Ana. Every morning she prepares Ana’s meals for the day and carefully packs her lunch bag for the days she goes to school, and she is the brain center of our family. Stephanie absolutely loves being Ana’s mom and her world revolves around her. Whether its sitting down to read, taking her on walks, singing and dancing to music or just acting goofy, she loves spending time with the family doing something fun and connecting. Stephanie is a wonderful mom and can’t wait to have another child to love through adoption.

Our Friends and Family

Love makes a family. We are so lucky that both sets of grandparents are with us and always willing to lend a helping hand. One set of grandparents lives about 20 minutes away and the other about an hour and a half. Both sets of grandparents have been married for over 40 years, and have shown us what a loving marriage is like.
Making memories with our family is very important to us and we see them often. All four grandparents are looking forward to enjoying time with your child just as they currently do with Ana: playing on the swings, swimming in the pool, taking her on wagon rides, reading making crafts, making campfires and smores and playing in the garden.
Family traditions with aunts (1), uncles (2) and cousins (too many to count!) include apple and pumpkin picking, hunting for Easter eggs, gathering for holidays and family barbeques.
We have a close-knit family and even through the pandemic, Ana has a close relationship with her grandparents and aunts and uncles. Her grandmothers spend time with her every week and we often visit with her aunts and uncles and even FaceTime. We also have a close network of friends from childhood, college, our community of friends from the track, along with new friends we’ve met through activities with Ana. She is involved in swim and gymnastics classes in the community where we continue to meet new friends. She recently started three half days a week at a local Montessori school where she is spending time with her peers and learning so much.
Our family is full of love and laughter. And every one of our family and friends has been more than supportive through this whole process. We cannot express to you enough the amount of love and attention your child would receive from our family.

Our Home and Community

Although we live close to all of the necessities and creature comforts, our family home is located out in the country neighboring several farms, and we have plenty of land to run around and play. We are surrounded by two horse farms and go to feed the horses carrots every day and check in on the chickens, turkeys, and sheep. We have wonderful neighbors as well. One of our neighbors saw that since Ana was a baby I’ve taken her to feed the horses carrots every day. The first winter they plowed a path so I could continue this daily ritual in the snow. The following year, they planted sunflowers all along the fence for a ‘sunflower walk’ to greet the horses.
We spend our days with good balance between fun new things such as going to the zoo and going to Sesame Place, to the daily rituals that create comforting routines. Every night after dinner the three of us play some form of hide and seek before Ana gets a bath, and after bath there’s milk, a few books, and prayers before bed. We have two cats, Harley and Diego, who Ana thoroughly enjoys and they also enjoy and are protective of her. There’s a park just a mile from our home where we spend many afternoons when mom and dad are finished with work. In the summer, we spend lots of time at Grandma’s pool or on our deck playing with Ana’s water table, running through the sprinkler, playing with bubbles, or riding her tricycle. In winter, we have a sled and plenty of land to ride it! We’re also involved in music classes as music is a big part of our lives.
Every year the day after Thanksgiving we go to the Christmas tree farm to look for the perfect tree, which Dad cuts down himself and loads into the truck. But not until we’ve shopped for handmade Christmas crafts and had hot cocoa! Then we take our tree home and start the decorations while listening to Christmas music.
For discipline we believe in providing support and the tools our daughter needs to succeed, gentle reminders, and age-appropriate consequences. She is so happy, silly, smart and loving. She is very affectionate, always spending time doting on her little stuffed animals giving them kisses and hugs, making sure they are fed and feel loved. She is caring and generous by nature, and without being taught she is already great at sharing. She will be so excited at the chance to have a baby sister or brother, and we know she will be an excellent big sister.

Our Message to You

Your child will always know that they are loved, supported and encouraged to be anything they want to be. They will know the joy of grandparents, aunts, uncles and extended family and friends. We promise to provide a life full of love, ensure that they feel safe and secure, and help them along the way in finding their passions. We think you are a brave and loving mother, and will always speak of you with honor and respect. We hope that you have a good understanding of who we are, what we value, and how we will parent. We sincerely thank you for considering us and wish you the same joy in your life that you may bring into ours.

Jason, Stephanie, & Anastasia

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