Jennifer & Steven

  • Jen and Steve
  • The day we brought Baxter home!
  • Jen's family, celebrating our niece's engagement
  • Steve's immediate family - there are a LOT of us!
  • Baxter will play fetch for hours (why Steve is sitting)!
  • We love to vacation with our families
    here with our parents
  • We enjoy entertaining on our deck!
  • Jen's dad being silly (as typical)
  • Rooting on the Devil's with our nephew
  • We enjoying seeing live performances,
    especially with family
  • Celebrating our niece's big birthday
  • On a harbor sunset cruise with our Rutgers family
  • Us in Ireland - our latest globe trotting adventure
  • Jen and her mom
  • Taking Steve's nieces to see One Direction -
    they were so giddy and we had a ton of fun!
  • Us with Jen's Parents and Brother and Sister-In-Law
    all dressed up at a wedding
  • Our Rutgers family enjoying each other's
    company at a game
  • Us with Baxter on the beach while vacationing
  • We get together every year to celebrate the
    holidays with friends
  • Relaxing on Mom & Dad's deck
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Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile! We're excited to be a part of your journey and hope that this page will help you learn a little bit more about us.

Our names are Jennifer and Steven, but really only our families call us that, so we're Jen and Steve. We both come from close-knit families and grew up in New Jersey, though Jen grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and Steve down the Shore. Steve is the oldest of five children, all of whom have children of their own, and Jen has one older brother, who has three children in their 20s.

Our Story

We started dating in college at Rutgers University, where we were both in the marching band. After college, we were long distance for a few years while we both started careers, before getting married in 2006. Instead of you doing any math, we'll tell you that we've been together 20 plus years.

We love to travel and we're lucky enough to get away a couple times a year. In just the past few years, we've been to Paris, Ireland, Los Angeles, San Diego, England and Aruba. While those may all sound interesting, some of our favorite trips have been renting a house in the Poconos or Rhode Island with our families. It's pretty fun to just unplug from life and reconnect with the people you love. We're excited to share our love of travel, and to experience new places with the next generation.

Family Life

As much as we love our adventures, we're mostly homebodies. Steve loves to cook and we try to eat healthy, so we eat most of our meals at home. Home also keeps us close to our families, who all live in NJ, and our amazing group of friends. And, of course, there's really no substitute for your own pillow!

We love spending time together (when we're not at work), whether it’s taking the dog for a walk, running errands, going on vacations and weekend adventures, cooking or just getting cozy on the couch. We are so excited to expand our family through adoption and can’t wait to share all the love we have with a child and create amazing new memories.

Why Jen will make a great Mom (by Steve)

Jen is the most warm, caring and empathetic person I've ever met. She instinctively puts other people's needs ahead of hers. She's great with kids and grown-ups alike, and I'm constantly amazed at how she's able to spoil our nieces and nephews, while at the same time teaching them through her words and example how to be amazing people.

I always say that I hit the in-law lottery. Jen's parents are wonderful, warm and engaging people, and I have yet to meet anyone who has a bad word to say about them. They're amazing to me personally, and they're exceptional grandparents to our nieces and nephew.

That's how I know that whenever we're lucky enough to welcome a new child into our family, he or she will be welcomed, loved and supported in every way possible.

Why Steve will make a great Dad (by Jen)

Steve loves to do things with our nieces and nephews that we can all enjoy. He especially takes the time to understand what they like to do and plans activities around their interests. Nothing brings greater joy or a huge smile to Steve than watching our nieces and nephews have fun or discover new things. While Steve is young at heart, he also gives the children in our lives guidance and helps them understand how to be good people. And there is never a shortage of love!

Our Dog

Two years ago, we hit the dog jackpot when we adopted our dog, Baxter, from a local rescue.

He's a friendly, well-trained thirty-pound ball of energy, who is fantastic around kids (well, they sometimes do think he's going to kiss them until they pass out, but that's all). We have fun with him, taking him to the park, on vacation, or just playing around the house. We really are so thankful for him having brought so much laughter and love into our lives!

Our Home

We bought our house in NJ almost four years ago. It's a large, four-bedroom colonial house, on a quiet street, where we love to entertain. We've got lots of space for our expanding family (though Baxter has done his best to fill it up!). We absolutely love our town - great food, lots of community activities and a top school district...and not far from some of our friends.

Our Families

Steve is the oldest of five siblings, and we have six nieces and five nephews on his side, ranging from a few months to 15 years old. In other words, there are lots of cousins ready to play with (or babysit) our newest member of the family.

Steve's siblings all live within an hour of us, so we see each other pretty often to celebrate birthdays, holidays, etc., and we love to go camping or rent a vacation house together.

Jen has one older brother. He and Jen's sister-in-law have five adult children between them. Jen's family, all of whom are in NJ, is amazing at supporting each other, and really bend over backwards for whatever anyone needs. The family has many traditions, with most of them having started with Jen's father's parents. They're looking forward to creating new memories around those traditions with the newest member of the family.

Our Friends

Our closest friends are mostly college friends, after this long, they and their families are really just part of our family.

We have season tickets to Rutgers Football, which allows us to get together with all of them pretty regularly during the fall, and keeps us close to all of their children. That gives a bunch more kids who call us "Aunt Jen" and "Uncle Steve", and who we also get to spoil.

Our Thanks and Promise

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little bit more about us.

No matter what life brings us, we promise to put those we love first, to always take care of our family, and to laugh everyday. We promise that any child raised in our home will be showered with unconditional love and educated in a way that gives them the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

We wish you all the best as you progress through your journey to find the right parents for your baby. We look forward to the possibility of meeting you and getting to know each other more.

With Love,
Steve & Jen

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