John & Christine

  • John’s 30th Birthday BBQ
  • Grand Canyon sunset hike
  • John welcomes his mathematician-students
  • Christine prepares her exam room for patients
  • St. Lucia honeymoon beach dinner
  • Trick-or-treating with our nephew
  • Our families at Christine’s 30th Birthday dinner
  • 3rd Wedding Anniversary picnic (during pandemic)
  • John teaching our nephew to golf
  • Christine completing a daring hike in Utah
  • With [most of] John’s family at birthday dinner
  • At a wedding in Washington, DC
  • Christine reading to our baby nephew
  • With Christine’s family on LBI beach trip
  • Attending Easter church service
  • John golfing in Bermuda
  • Catching a fun show at Medieval Times
  • We love the beach and especially Bermuda!
  • Long Beach Island sunset
  • Attending a Yankee game, John’s favorite sports team
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Hello! We are John & Christine, a joyfully married couple excitedly looking to grow our family through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents to your Little One. It is a beautiful, courageous thing to consider an adoption plan for your baby. We feel a deep calling and desire to be parents. We are from two very strong families whose parents worked hard to raise us well, comfortably, and joyfully. We want to follow their example and grow our little offshoot to the family tree. Working on our profile has shown us how much we have to be grateful for, especially our strong marriage & friendship, supportive extended families literally near and dear to us, and all the fun times/adventures we enjoy. We would be thrilled to share our lives and these blessings with a Little One, and that Little One would certainly be the ultimate blessing to us.

About Us

We have been married since April of 2017. While we were in the same Physics study group in high school, we did not begin dating until after college (2014). Our small town roots kept bringing us back together after high school in small ways, until John finally asked Christine out (through Facebook, of course). We live in northern New Jersey, one town over from where we both grew up. John is a high school math teacher; Christine is an eye doctor (optometrist). We love going on dates (still!), visiting our families, reuniting with our friends, and going on trips both big and small. Our Catholic Christian faith is central to our lives and marriage.

Family Life:

Currently, both of us work full time until we are blessed to bring a child into our family. We eagerly anticipate our weekend time together and are always finding fun things to do together. Most often you will find us: hiking, golfing, reading & relaxing at the Jersey Shore, and visiting local farms to pick apples, flowers, and berries. We like to attend sporting events, go to the movies (or get comfy and watch at home), enjoy a meal out, go to concerts, and attend plays at John’ school. Other activities include mini-golf, bowling, ice cream, ice skating, and zoos/aquariums. We are fortunate to enjoy 1 or 2 yearly vacations such as Bermuda (our favorite!), St. Lucia, Arizona/Utah for a National park road trip, Hilton Head Island/Savannah, and Nashville. We also like to hop in the car and drive to some closer destinations like Washington, DC (Christine’s college town), Boston, and Annapolis. We can’t wait to introduce our child to these activities and bring him or her to some of these wonderful places! Attending weekly Church service is also an important piece of our family life.

Why John would make an outstanding father, by Christine:

John is a family-first guy. Along with God, his relationship with his family will undoubtedly be his first priority in life. His character makes him so well-respected and will make him a strong role model for our son or daughter—I definitely think my brother and sister-in-law had this in mind when they asked him to be Godfather to our nephew. With his love of learning and career as a teacher, he will teach our child so much. John will always find fun activities to do and places to go as a family. He will work hard to support our family in all of its needs and will always be there for us—like he is now for me, his family, friends, and co-workers. I can’t wait to see him cradling our Little One, and I look forward to the days of watching him run around with our child in the yard (and of course, hitting & pitching as John is a big baseball fan!)

Why Christine would make an outstanding mother, by John:

Christine is a caring and intelligent wife who puts marriage and family first. Christine is so amazingly thoughtful and eager to celebrate other peoples’ special moments. She takes great photos and throws awesome parties. As a mother, Christine would be eager to celebrate our Little One, pouring herself into making memories. From the time we were dating, Christine has always had an enthusiastic love of babies. She has been a wonderful Godmother and Aunt to our nephew. Some of my favorite moments are watching Christine hold him, read to him, play with him, and take good care of him. I know she will make a great mom because of the love and care she shows our Godson.

Friends and Family:

Hardly a week goes by where we do not see our families, made convenient by all living near each other. Our families have always naturally blended well with each other, too, and come together for special birthdays and holiday celebrations. John has his parents, older sister, and older brother/sister-in-law. Christine has her parents, older brother/sister-in-law/nephew, and younger brother. Our nephew will be an awesome cousin and role model. He is bright, playful, polite, and warm. We have traveled together with our families to Saratoga (NY), Barryville (NY), Sanibel Island (FL), and Long Beach Island. We have a fun, large group of hometown friends, as well as friends from our other walks of life (college, graduate school). We gather for birthdays, BBQs, ball games, and weddings.

Our Home and Community:

We live in a northern New Jersey town within commuting distance of New York City, but with a small-town feel. Our town is very safe and has been ranked in the top 20 places to live in New Jersey. It has great schools and athletics, a community pool, and a brand new community park with “the works,” including a playground. We have been so comfortable in our apartment but have started looking to buy a house with the exciting prospect of our family growing. For now, our Little One would enjoy his/her own bedroom, a butterfly garden, and a playground with infant/child swing-set at our current complex.

Our Message to You

We deeply admire you and your decision to consider making an adoption plan for your baby. We will devote everything to raising your child to be happy, healthy, safe, comfortable, and loved—not just by us, but by an extended family, friend, and community group eagerly awaiting his or her arrival. We have been blessed with wonderful opportunities in life and cannot wait to share our blessings with a child. Thank you for considering us, we are praying for your well-being!

John & Christine

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