Julia & Josh

  • Together for more than 12 years!
  • Julia’s siblings
  • Josh’s siblings hiking in the Adirondacks
  • Julia’s family
  • Josh’s side of the family
  • Harvesting potatoes from our garden
  • Josh’s climbing wall in our backyard
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Our kitchen! Where the magic happens
  • Christmas in our humble home
  • Making memories in the nursery
  • Our silly puppy, Rowan!
  • Teton, our lover boy
  • Our family’s cabin in the woods
  • Holiday ornament hunt with family!
  • Who owns who?!
  • Helping to marry our cousins
    on their wedding day
  • Visiting our dear friend in Vermont
  • Life is good
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Hi! We’re Julia & Josh. We have been together for more than 12 years and married for almost 3. We met in college when Josh fell out of a tree and Julia ran over to help him. Since it took 3 years of being friends before dating, our relationship is founded in best friendship. We laugh a lot and plan to keep laughing for the rest of our lives together.

After more than a decade of planning, our home is prepared, our hearts are open, and our arms are ready to embrace a baby into our loving home. We hope that this page provides a little insight into who we are- just two compassionate, goofy, love-birds looking to start a family.

About Julia:

I am often described as nurturing, empathetic, and playful. When I was a little girl, my parents always said I would be a teacher because I demonstrated a sensitivity to children, especially children who struggled to make friends and children with exceptional needs. I’ve served as a special educator for 12 fulfilling years.

I live to make others happy. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of someone laughing, and it's even better if I had something to do with it! While I have a large social network, I prefer spending quality time at home with loved ones.

I give more than I take, and in fact I feel uncomfortable when in the taking position. I never take myself too seriously, and it's extremely difficult to make me angry. For as gentle as I am, I am ready to protect my loved ones and those I feel can't speak for themselves. Consider me a momma bear - relaxed, always looking for food, but ready to defend my loved ones at the drop of a hat.

Fun Facts!

  • Favorite food: Anything involving a potato.
  • Favorite drink: Coffee made by Josh!
  • Bucket List item: Swim with dolphins and manatees
  • Irrational fear: Daddy Long Legs

About Josh

Growing up near a state forest, my brothers and I could typically be found exploring the woods. From the beginning nature played a big role in my life. A role my dad intentionally nurtured, wanting to give us space to play and develop a curiosity about the world around us. He was interested in sharing his own general fascination, which I credit for my studying biology and philosophy in college. To this day I find learning new things and being outdoors to be some of the most satisfying time spent.

After college I went to law school, aiming to have a positive impact on my community. Fortunately, I got a job doing human services policy work, growing a team who share in the desire to help.

These experiences shape who I want to be as a father. I want to share my passion for learning and wonder about the world around us, show how to see other people's perspectives, how that insight creates a broad space for compassion which is actually the basis for our own happiness. Ultimately, I want to provide a happy little life in a loving home.

  • Built a rock climbing wall in the backyard
  • Favorite Board Game: Mage Knight
  • Favorite Author: Jack Kerouac
  • Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Family Life

We are waiting to build our family and hope to ultimately adopt 2 or 3 children. Right now our little family consists of our two hilarious, intelligent, loving dogs. Teton is our 6 year old lover boy and Rowan is our gentle, playful puppy! Our dogs have spent time with babies and children of all ages and will love to have another playmate for life! Their breed mixes are well known for being loyal family dogs with a gentle demeanor towards children.

Our Friends & Family

We both come from large and loving families! We are very close to our families and can genuinely say that we find some of our best friendships in our family members.

Julia’s family is tight-knit and bound by funny family traditions. Her sisters live in Pittsburgh and her brother lives in New York state. Her sister, Liz, is a neonatal nurse practitioner and married to her husband, Dan. They are expecting their first child together! Alexis is Julia’s older sister. She is a boss lady in the Human Resources world and has been setting up her new home to host her future nieces and nephews. Cole lives in NY with his girlfriend, Tess. They are both special education teachers. Julia’s mother, Jen, is a retired 3rd grade teacher and the best dog grandma to everyone’s pups! She is known for her baking abilities and selfless nature. Julia’s father, Scott, is a hardworking witty gentle giant.

Josh’s family is vibrant, hilarious, and open minded. Adam, Josh’s younger brother, is a plumber and is known for his sense of humor and duty. Brian is Josh’s youngest brother and works in sales. Brian is known for his loyalty, athleticism, and love for kids. He resides with our future sister-in-law, Gimar. Gimar is creative, kind, and warm. Donna, Josh’s mom, has been anxiously awaiting the day she can become a grandmother. She works at a mental health clinic for women. Ken, Josh’s Dad, is a retired salesman and currently works for a County Park System in NJ. Ken is a sarcastic and loving naturalist.

Our extended family and friends are all over the country and world. We get together as much as possible and host our friends from overseas when they come by with their children.

Our Home and Community

Situated on a quiet corner of a quaint town in Southern New Jersey you can find our house! We have a spacious backyard that leads to the woods and a small stream. Our house is right by protected land, parks, a river walk, dog parks, farms, and sports complexes. We are within an hour of both Philadelphia and the beach. Our house has been in Julia’s family since it was built and we’re beyond fortunate to live close to our parents. Julia’s mom and dad are 10 minutes down the road and Josh’s mom and dad are under 30 minutes.

Our neighborhood is the type where everyone knows each other and we truly take care of one another. Our community has known about our intention to adopt for years and look forward to meeting baby. The neighborhood and school district is diverse and places an emphasis on celebrating cultural differences. Our friends are teachers in the district and Julia's mom also taught for our town as well. It's a great place to grow up.

Our home is adorned with books and house plants - a few of our favorite things! Josh has exercise equipment in the basement and Julia has a work bench for painting and producing stained glass down there too!

Our Message to You

Our love runs deep, and since the start of our relationship we knew that adoption was in our future. We have always felt we’ve found our soulmate in each other and now we’re ready to meet our soul children.

Should you decide to match with us, your baby is bound to feel love from many. Our friends, family, and colleagues have been waiting for this day and will be with us in the adventure that follows. Your baby would be supported, encouraged, and taught the value of kindness. They would learn to practice curiosity and gratitude. We will rock climb, swim, and travel together. Life will be lighthearted, gentle, and joyous. Simply put, life would be an absolute blast.

Thank you for considering us as your baby's adoptive parents. We won't pretend to know the circumstances that have brought you to our profile, but please know we empathize and hope to learn more from you and with you someday.

Josh and Julia

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