Katy & Jason

  • Celebrating Jason’s Birthday
    at a Local BBQ restaurant.
  • Jason rocking out on the
    drums at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ.
  • Katy has always had a passion for dance/fitness.
  • Getting a workout in while visiting family
    in Ohio.
  • Our pets. (Or as we like to call them,
    “The Jungle Friends.”)
  • Handing out prizes with our friends
    at a benefit class!
  • Hanging with Ginger and Sweet Pea at home.
  • Ernie is Netflix and chillin’ with Katy.
  • Barely escaping the room with
    Katy’s parents on her birthday.
  • Our 4-bedroom house on the Jersey Shore
    has plenty of room to grow.
  • All decked out for New Year’s Eve.
  • Katy opening presents with Ginger
    on Christmas Day.
  • Opening presents at Christmas with
    our niece and nephew.
  • Our favorite vacation thus far:
    Exploring Alaska!
  • Katy go-carting with her niece in
    Ohio during the holidays.
  • Both sides of our family in
    Cape May for our wedding weekend.
  • A night out celebrating a cause
    that we hold dear to our hearts.
  • The beach is right across the street
    from Katy’s parents’ house!
  • One of our favorite shots together.
  • Jason and Ginger in a spare bedroom…
    perfect for a nursery.
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Hello! We are Katy and Jason. First of all, we cannot begin to know how hard this decision is for you. However, what we do know is that we can fill your child’s life with laughter, love, music, dance, and constant support through his/her life! We thank you for taking the time to read our (very hopeful) adoption profile! We invite you to learn more about us and how we look forward to providing an amazing future and loving home for your child.

About Us

We are both professional performers and met performing in a children’s touring show. After living in NYC and dating for 10 years, we finally took the plunge and got married. Jason is a professional actor who has been in many TV, film, theater, and commercial work. His exuberance for life, sense of humor, and easy-going nature are the qualities one would notice right away! Jason always makes people comfortable and is always putting others’ needs ahead of his own. Katy is a professional dancer, turned fitness trainer who has performed in film, TV, and traveled across the globe with varying artists and A-list celebrities. Katy is a high-energy/hard-working woman with an equally fun sense of humor. We are best friends and really balance each other out!

After moving out of NYC, we opened up a boutique fitness studio in a small Jersey Shore town. We happily spend our days helping people change their lives though exercise and a positive community atmosphere. Jason still commutes into the city for auditions and castings, while Katy focuses on the studio training. Being business owners, we make our own schedules and don’t work conventional hours. By making our schedules, we both have the ability to be home with a baby more than a traditional work setting might allow. We also know that our amazing pets (“Ernie” the cockatiel, “Ginger” the rescue dog, and “Sweet Pea” the Russian tortoise) are just as excited to be brother and sisters to a new baby!

Family Life

We are both extremely close with our families! Katy’s parents live 15 minutes away and we get to see them all the time. Since we live at the Jersey Shore, we have the luxury of being near the beach and spending hot summer days in Katy’s parents’ pool. Katy’s brother and sister-in-law live in Pennsylvania and come to visit often with their dog…especially in the summer. The pool party fun is endless!

Jason grew up in Ohio, where all of his immediate and extended family currently live. We make it a tradition to go back for Christmas each year as the holidays are particularly special in Jason’s family. With deep-rooted traditions, there are always large family gatherings that are not to be missed throughout the year. We also take every opportunity to play with our niece and nephew when we are visiting. It is important to us that a new baby would be able to learn these fun traditions and meet their amazing cousins, so we would make it a point to visit Jason’s side of the family as much as possible. Both our families are thrilled with the idea of adoption! Both sets of parents cannot wait to (hopefully) expand the family and welcome a new baby with open arms.

As for our current home life, we LOVE our pets and consider them family! Our time at home is always spent having fun with our “jungle friends” (as we lovingly call them.) We like to play with all of the pets and make them feel special… yes, even the Russian tortoise, “Sweet Pea.” In our free time, we also love exploring new restaurants, going to the movies, and attending local fairs/markets, etc. We should also mention that we like to go “all out” for the holidays! We love to decorate our house and bring a festive spirit to our neighborhood. Our favorite holiday, by far, is Halloween! We cannot wait to share this holiday with a child by taking them to pumpkin patches, trick-or-treating, corn mazes, and more!

We also feel that vacations are a necessity and the perfect way to unwind and enjoy time with each other. Each year, we try to make it a point to travel and explore a new destination. We look forward to continuing this tradition and sharing the experience with a new addition to the family!

Our Home and Community

We live on the Jersey Shore in a lovely neighborhood that is full of children of all ages. Our house has 4 bedrooms and a full finished basement that is perfect for playing. Jason has a background in music as well, so the basement is also his personal “jam space.” He plays the drums, piano, and guitar. (Although, his favorite instrument will always be the drums. You can even catch him playing in Asbury Park from time to time.)

Our Message to You

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for considering adoption and getting to know us! We have always followed our dreams, and we promise to love, care for, and support your child in the pursuit of his or her own dreams, as well. Your baby will always know that you made the hardest decision of your life in the hopes of a better and brighter future for your child. With this one choice, so many lives are brought together for the good of one child and we would be honored to be a part of that. We have always considered ourselves an open book and hope that you help us write the next chapter.

With love,

Katy and Jason

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