Kyle & Kristen

  • We love nature hikes! This picture is from a
    hike on the Appalachian Trail.
  • Kristen with her sister and Mom
  • Our cuddly cats Bo and Bells
  • Hugs at our friend's wedding. We have been
    friends with this group for over 15 years!
  • A selfie in Santorini, Greece.
    We love to travel!
  • Kristen with her mother, sister, aunt,
    and cousins. Wedding dress shopping
    for her cousin's upcoming wedding.
  • Our families love to have reunions!
    This picture is from Kristen's paternal side
    of the family, most of whom are Chinese!
  • Dancing with Kyle's cousin's daughter
    at a wedding.
  • We love Disney! Kristen convinced Kyle
    to have one day of His/Her shirts.
  • Kyle (center) biking with friends from
    college in Colorado last summer.
  • Kristen's family at Christmas.
  • Kristen with her younger cousin
    (who is also her goddaughter).
  • Celebrating a friend's wedding.
  • Kyle with his brother (who is also adopting!)
    and sister at Easter.
  • A mini college reunion at a friend's wedding.
  • Last year we went to Iceland!
  • One of our annual traditions is to go together to
    pick out a Christmas tree. Here we
    are with both sets of parents and Kristen's sister.
  • This was taken during our engagement pictures.
    We had a hard time staying serious!
  • Kristen hanging out with her
    college roommate's baby
  • One of our favorites from our wedding day.
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Hello! We are Kristen and Kyle, a fun-loving couple from central New Jersey, who cannot wait to start a family. Having children is very important to us and we thank you for considering us as prospective parents and taking the time to read our story. We would love to share a little bit about us so you can learn more about who we are and our life together. We have always wanted to adopt. We have a fantastic life and hope to share our joy and laughter with a child very soon. Our families are very excited and supportive of our decision; there is a lot of love in our family and a lot of love to give!

About Us

We met in high school. We both ran Cross Country and Track and were introduced by a mutual friend. We realized that we had a lot in common and enjoyed each other's company. We were inseparable. After high school, we did 6 years of long distance while we went to college and Kristen got her graduate degree. Long distance was difficult! It was hard to only see each other every few weeks, but the long distance strengthened our communication skills and taught us to live in the moment. We learned to really appreciate each other and only fell more in love. After school, we both came back to New Jersey and moved in together. Kyle finally proposed and Kristen couldn't have been more thrilled and excited! We got married after dating for 10 years. It was the perfect day!
We have now been married for 3 years and together for 13! Kristen is in the medical field and works at a pharmaceutical company, educating doctors about rare genetic diseases. Kyle is in the computer science field and works creating new software and technologies. We live in a townhouse in central New Jersey with our two cats, Bells and Bo. Our cats are cuddly, people-loving fur balls who love to snuggle! We also love traveling, hiking, wine tasting, going to craft fairs, game nights with friends, road trips, reading, and going to plays. We are ready to start a family and welcome a baby into our wonderful lives.

Friends and Family

Our family is very close and we see our families often. Luckily, our two families get along great! Each year we do lots of activities together, like getting our Christmas tree, Easter egg hunts, Halloween costume parties, and family dinners. Our families are very supportive and are excited for us to start our family. Kyle's family is particularly knowledgeable about adoption as his brother and wife are also adopting!

We have a very diverse family. Kristen's mother is Irish and German and her father is Chinese and Jordanian. Kyle's family is from all over Europe. We celebrate Chinese New Year to celebrate Kristen's Chinese heritage. The family gets together, eats delicious Chinese food, wears red for good luck, and exchanges red envelopes filled with money! We also have large family reunions every few years which are a lot of fun! We embrace our other heritages too by learning more and visiting the countries our families came from. We would also embrace any cultural traditions of our future child and incorporate their heritage into our everyday lives.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We know this cannot be an easy choice for you and we would be honored to be part of your journey. We promise to welcome your child into our lives and our hearts. We promise to provide unconditional love and security and to always encourage our child to dream. We hope to share our morals of love, understanding, tolerance, acceptance, and the importance of relationships. We want to give him/her every opportunity. Most importantly, we want our child to be happy. We admire your strength and bravery in making this decision. We are happy to communicate throughout this process and are willing to consider both open and closed adoptions.

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