Lea & Mike

  • Mike and Lea
  • Enjoying a night out
  • Our sweet little pug, Gigi
  • Lea and her mom
  • Mike and his mom
  • Lea celebrating her
    goddaughter's birthday
  • Mike with his niece and nephews
  • Our dads out to dinner
  • Let's go Tar Heels!
  • Board game fun with our
    best friends' twins
  • Lea excited she finally
    beat Mike at darts.
  • Catamaran cruising in Jamaica
  • Mike and Gigi enjoying the sunshine
  • Bike riding on the beach
  • Hanging with our furry
    friend at Catskill Animal Sanctuary
  • Our favorite local park in Autumn
  • Catching a game with our best friends
  • NYC with Mike's mom and sister
  • Vacation in South Carolina
  • Our families enjoying time together
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We are Mike and Lea. We are so excited to expand our family through adoption. Adoption has just always felt like the right choice for us and we are beyond thrilled to embark on this next chapter in our lives. If, after reviewing this profile, you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with us we are always available. Thanks again and hopefully we can get to know more about each other soon.

About Us

We have known each other basically our whole lives. We grew up down the street from each other and later went on to graduate high school together. We reconnected years later and when we did we knew right away we were perfect for each other. Our bond is incredibly strong and we both couldn’t imagine sharing this life journey with anyone else.

Lea (by Mike)
Lea has a smile and such a warm personality that anyone who meets her is immediately comfortable and feels like they’ve been friends forever. Quick with a joke she is also the kindest, most caring, compassionate and loyal person I have ever met and I consider myself so lucky to have her as my wife. Lea loves laughing with her family and friends (and their children and pets!) and gets so much joy out of spending time with them whether it’s going on trips, a backyard BBQ or enjoying a relaxing night in around the dinner table. When I watch Lea with kids, no matter if they are the children of friends or strangers in the park, it makes me realize just what a great mom she is going to be. Kids always gravitate to her and she is always ready to give a hug, act silly or naturally do the exact right thing to make a child’s face light up. Lea has been a legal secretary for six plus years. When a child is placed with us, Lea will be leaving the legal field behind to take a hands on approach as a stay at home mom.

Mike (by Lea)
Mike is an incredible person. He is kind, patient, thoughtful, compassionate and hysterically funny. He truly makes me laugh every single day and hey- who doesn’t love to laugh? He truly is my best friend and I’m so lucky to have him as a husband. Not only is he so incredibly good to me he is so great to the people in his life. His love and concern for his family and friends is undeniable. Mike is also a very responsible man with a great work ethic. He works in the human resource department in county government and is such an important part of his work team. He is efficient, hardworking, loyal, and has integrity. The role though I am most excited to see Mike in, is his role as a dad. You just have to watch him around his niece, nephews and our friends’ children to know he is going to be such an important part of any child’s life. He always makes sure the children in his life know how important they truly are to him and I can only imagine what an incredible father he is going to be.

Family Life

We love spending time together, whether it’s walking our dog in the park, going on vacations and weekend adventures, cooking delicious meals or just getting cozy on the couch under blankets watching a great movie. We are so excited to expand our family through adoption and can’t wait to share in all these activities with a child and create amazing new memories and traditions.

Our Friends and Family

We are so extremely lucky that we get to share our life together surrounded by so many amazing people. Lea’s parents, Mike’s sister, her husband and 3 kids live in the same town as we do. Mike’s mom and significant other live only a few towns away. Mike’s dad now lives in Florida but comes back often to visit. The best part though is our families get along so well with each other! We both also have extended family that live close by so we are all always getting together for celebrations and milestones.

We love the quote “Friends are the family you get to choose.” Our friends are always there to support us, encourage us and make us laugh. They have diverse interests and professions but what they all have in common is they are incredibly loyal, loving and extremely supportive. When we let our families and friends know about our decision to adopt, they were beyond thrilled and we have no doubt any child who enters our lives will have an amazing support system.

Our Home and Community

We live in northern New Jersey and our home is perfect for us and will be a great place to raise a child. We are most proud that people describe it as welcoming, warm and cozy. Our community is the perfect mix of big city amenities in a small town suburban setting. It is incredibly safe and has some of the most highly rated schools in the area. It has a wonderful recreation department that offers summer concerts in the park, clubs, and sports leagues so there is always a way to stay active and meet other families. We are also a short drive from museums, historical landmarks and we can be in the mountains as fast as we can be on the beach.

Our Message to You

We just want to sincerely thank you again for taking the time to review our profile. We would just like you to know, if you decide to place your child with us that we promise you the following things:

• Your child will be the number one priority in our lives and one we will never, ever take for granted.
• We will always remember this child has their own goals, dreams and life to live and not the life we may think they should live. We will guide them and do whatever we possibly can to support and encourage them on their journey.
• Your child will grow up in an emotionally safe, comfortable and positive environment where they will always be encouraged to trust and believe in themselves and will always know how important it is to have a positive self-esteem and respect for others and their beliefs.
• We will always try to remember not to take ourselves or life too seriously and be sure to have fun and to laugh- laugh a lot.
• Depending on your comfort level, we would like to have an open and ongoing relationship with you and no matter what, your child will always be aware of the important role you have played in their life.

Warm wishes,
Lea & Mike

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