Levi & Shannon

  • We’ve always desired to grow
    our family through adoption
  • Levi proposed to Shannon while driving
    an airplane after only 2 month of dating.
  • We’ve cherished each second
    of our 7 year marriage!
  • Lilee and Emmy can’t wait to welcome
    their newest sibling into their fun and love!
  • We love exploring the nearby
    mountains, NYC and beaches
  • We are so in love and still
    enjoy going on fun, romantic dates!
  • Extended family and both Shannon’s and Levi’s
    parents are very involved grandparents.
  • Levi and his mom dancing at our wedding
  • Levi is a very loving, involved, hands-on dad
  • We love playing music, dancing
    and singing together
  • Cuddling and enjoying summer on our deck
  • Shannon loves being a stay-at-home mom!
  • We love to travel
    and explore the world together!
  • We love ice cream.
    This pic is from our annual camping trip.
  • We love playing basketball
    and being active together.
  • Shannon’s dad and Levi
    cooking Shannon dinner for her birthday.
  • Levi’s dad loves playing and
    teaching the kids so many things.
  • Shannon and her sister being silly at the
    playground at the end of our street on the lake
  • We love to host family and
    friends for fun, games and food!
  • Levi loves to snowboard!
    This is him in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado
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Hi! We are Shannon and Levi. Our family is filled with: love, diversity, joy, adventure and quality-time. We have desired to grow our family through adoption since before we got married 7 years ago! We have two daughters (3 year old and 4 year old) who can't wait to welcome their newest best friend into their love and life. Our next child is already so loved - we have all thought, prayed and eagerly anticipated his or her arrival for so so long.

We are so grateful you are taking the time to read through this. Even if you choose to parent this child or choose another family to raise your baby, our family will continue to pray for each expectant mom and dad who reads our profile to experience deep wisdom, peace, love and rest all of their days.

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About Us

We have cherished every minute of our almost seven year marriage and the amazing memories we have created along the way. Since before getting married, we have envisioned growing our family through adoption. We met through mutual friends at our church when we both lived in New York City. We started off playing basketball together as friends, but soon fell in love and were inseparable! We were dating for only two months before Levi surprised Shannon by driving an airplane while proposing.

Fun Facts About Levi
-Age: 30 years old
-Ethnicity: African American/Caucasian
-Occupation: Software Engineer
-High School Valedictorian
-After earning his engineering degree from MIT, Levi went on tour as a singer-songwriter musician, playing in concert venues around the country. He started working as an Engineer shortly before meeting Shannon, but still loves to write and play songs for his family.
-Loves to surf and snowboard
-HUUUGE fan of quality coffee

About Levi from Shannon’s perspective: I was first attracted to Levi for the way he showed love to those around him and his desire to continue to deepen his relationship with God. He is the most generous, selfless and patient man I know! It is such a privilege to be his bride and to watch him be an incredibly hands-on, involved and loving father. I also love that Levi is a strong, active man who adventures with me! We love to hike, bike, play basketball and go to Broadway shows together. Levi also plays the guitar and so I love hearing him play!

Fun Facts About Shannon
-Age: 29 Years Old
-Ethnicity: Hispanic/Caucasian
-Occupation: Stay-at-home-mom and works from home part-time valuing small businesses while the kids sleep
-Shannon loved baseball as a young child and played on an all-boys little league team before outgrowing her "tomboy" stage. She still loves to hit the batting cages when she can.
-Shannon graduated college at the top of her class and earned a full scholarship for her Masters Degree from NYU.

About Shannon from Levi's perspective: I was first attracted to Shannon when we played basketball together for the first time - Shannon was the sweetest, most encouraging person I had ever met, as she always had a positive word of encouragement, not just for those on her team, but for the other team as well! Shannon is the oldest of 5 siblings so always a "mama bear" personality as she enjoys caring for others and is a very loyal person. Shannon enjoys the privilege of staying home full-time to care for the kids. She loves passing on her love for learning to her children and strives to fill their days with exploration and fun. Shannon loves family traveling, cuddling, family-time, learning and sports!

Family Life

We intentionally live our days according to our family values (love, grace, kindness, generosity, friendship and patience). We want our children to grow in the deep assurance of how deeply they are loved by us, their first parents, other people in their lives and by the God who created them. We know each of our current and future children have been created for a purpose, so we try to expose them to many different things so they can figure out their talents, gifts and passions.

About the Big Sisters
Lilee is a fun-loving, gentle, encouraging big sister. She loves swimming, mangos, playing dress-up and preschool. She loves music and silly dancing around the kitchen with her family. Lilee's teacher recently mentioned that she is a joy to have in class since she is very kind to others and welcomes new kids so well. She can't wait to welcome her baby brother or sister.

Emmy is a silly, sweet jokester who always loves to make people laugh. She enjoys playing with her baby dolls and practicing her basketball bouncing. She's always saying how she can't wait to share all of our fun adventures with her new little brother or sister. Emmy is so thoughtful and caring: if someone is hurt, sad or not feeling well, she tries to cheer them up by rubbing their back, passing them some water or something else that may cheer them up.

Our Friends and Family

We are blessed with an extended family who supports and loves us well and desires to be involved in each other's lives. Both sides of our families are close to one another and get together each holiday and weekends in between. We've all been on vacations together to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. We get together with all of our siblings for fun bonding weekends while skiing or going to the waterpark.

We also have a strong group of very close friends who are like family to us. All of our children grow up making memories together during normal days at home, nearby outings and also group weekend trips exploring further away from home.

We are so thankful that all of our children will have so many people in their lives who love them. Everyone is so excited to meet the newest family member we hope to add to our family.

Our Home and Community

We live in a beautiful, four bedroom home. The kids love dancing and running throughout our home and exploring with their toys.The sisters always say they can't wait for their newest sibling to arrive to share our lives with. Our favorite room is our music room where we all get to play with the musical instruments while looking out on the treetops. From our playroom, you walk out onto a large deck that we've turned into a toddler fun-zone with a playhouse, see-saw, chalkboard and other fun toys.

At the end of our street is a beautiful lake with a sandy beach. The lake community also has a favorite playground and soccer fields. The neighborhood puts on many fun activities for kids and families, including soccer games, helicopter Santa landing, Easter Egg Hunts, summer sailing lessons and races around the lake.

Our Message to You

We can't imagine all of the feelings and emotions you're wrestling with as you're reading through so many of these profiles and deciding if/who you want to raise the baby you are creating. We have been praying for you for almost a decade and we pray that each expectant mom and dad who views our profile have received an overflow of love, support and options as they have had to make so many difficult decisions this year. Our deepest desire is for you to know that you are valued and created for a purpose as much as the baby you are growing. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our family.

We will strive to:
• Place your rights and needs above our desires as we give you space to truly decide if placing your child for adoption is the path you want to take;
• Honor you in the way we share your story and choice with your child from the time he or she is born;
• Continue meaningful contact with you throughout your child’s life;
• Raise your child in a love, joy, faith and diverse filled home;
• Live our days according to our family values (love, grace, kindness, generosity, friendship and patience); and
• We will expose your child to many different things so they can figure out their talents, gifts and passions.

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