Mackenzie & Ted

  • Enjoying live music
  • Our wedding Second Line Parade in New Orleans
  • More live music
  • Our dogs Reilly & Hattie B
  • Our Home
  • Hattie perched at her lookout in our living room
  • Reilly relaxing fireside
  • Family time at Ted’s Sister’s baby shower
  • Family dinner celebrating Ted’s Great Aunt’s 90th
  • Mackenzie’s parents 50th anniversary vow renewal
  • Halloween fun with Mackenzie’s sister and nephews
  • Thanksgiving dinner in our home
  • Matching Christmas Pajamas for all
  • A visit from Santa
  • Always good for a laugh
  • Making homemade bagels with our nephew
  • Ted and his stepdad showing off their catch!
  • Enjoying live music with friends!
  • Cozied up for a sleepover with our nephew
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Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. While it's difficult to fit our entire lives into a few short paragraphs, we hope this gives you a small glimpse into our marriage and family. We have a wonderful life together and are ready to share it. We hope this profile gives you a snapshot of who we are and the unconditional love, adventures, and experiences we would provide a child.

About Us:

We met at a local Irish Pub where Mackenzie was working as a waitress. While in different stages of life at the time, with Ted focusing on growing his business, and Mackenzie attending Graduate School, the connection was almost instant. We began dating and shortly after moved in together. After a few years, bought our first starter home and even got a couple of very cute dogs. We learned to garden, learned to do home maintenance, and began planning the next stage in our lives. In October 2016, we, along with 100 of our closest friends and family, traveled down to one of our favorite cities, New Orleans, and tied the knot in the Big Easy! In 2019, we settled into our forever home where we ultimately wanted to live and plant our roots. We have created an amazing partnership and have had so much fun along the way. We cannot wait to add a child into our loving home to share in the wonderful life we have built thus far.

Meet Ted:

I've always been an avid reader and was an English major in college. Despite rather poor math skills, I ended up in the business world and have an amazing job in the specialty and natural food industry where I get to utilize my love of food and a Type-A personality to grow sales for some extraordinary companies while getting to eat delicious meals along the way!

My passions include fishing, going to music concerts, traveling, dining out and cooking meals for family and friends. Holidays at our house are my time to shine in the kitchen!

My parents raised my younger sister and I at the Jersey shore and I always can't wait for summer to come around!

Growing up, we were always surrounded by family, which means the world to me. My Grandmother lived with us and my Grandfather and Aunt and Uncle lived across the street! I'm lucky to still be surrounded by family who play a major role in my day-to-day life.

Meet Mackenzie:

I earned my degree in Occupational Therapy and have worked in rehabilitation hospitals for 7+ years. I help individuals return to their lives after hospitalization whether it’s due to stroke, brain injury, or other illnesses. My career is fulfilling and has helped shape who I am today. It has taught me patience, stopping to appreciate life's small stuff, and continues to remind me of the importance of family each day.

I love animals, food, music, spending time with family & friends, and traveling & exploring new places. My favorite thing about traveling is fully immersing myself in the local culture, dining in a variety of restaurants and learning about the history.

I have two older siblings, a brother and a sister, both married. My sister has two boys who we see often and spoil every opportunity possible. My sister was adopted as an infant and has a relationship with her biological family. While nine years older than me and not blood related, my sister and I have an extremely strong bond, she serves as a mentor and has always been my biggest cheerleader throughout all phases of life. Last year was my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a family trip to Aruba, complete with a sunset, beach vow renewal. I cherish family memories like these and can’t wait to build new ones with our child.

Our Friends & Family:

Family is extremely important to us. We love spending time celebrating life's big and small events together. We're passionate about adventures and traveling, sharing great meals with our loved ones, attending concerts, and experiencing live music with our friends.

Our house and backyard are excellent for entertaining, and we’ve enjoyed hosting Ted’s sister’s baby shower, many of our nephews’ birthday parties, and an annual BBQ each summer where almost everyone in the neighborhood attends. Each year friends and family come from near and far for a Thanksgiving feast and upwards of 30 loved ones join us in celebrating the holiday! Our entire family embraces the Christmas spirit as well. From visits from Santa, matching pajamas, and reading “The Night Before Christmas” – we celebrate for two full days in our happy home. We have no doubt our future child will love growing up here as much as we enjoy living here and can’t wait to welcome them into our many family traditions.

Our Home and Community:

We live in a spacious four-bedroom, Victorian home in a quaint town located in Central NJ. Our home is walkable to a family-friendly downtown that is close to the beach, beautiful parks, and a short train or ferry to New York City. Our community is diverse, safe, and inviting. We have an excellent school system and are close to a strong network of friends and family. We have no doubt our future kid will love growing up here as much as we enjoy living here!

Our Message to You:

We promise to give your child a warm and loving home, surrounded by friends, family, and the support of those around us. We promise to be patient, compassionate, and cheer them on as they explore their interests and passions. We will provide encouragement and opportunities through experiences with travel, music, and education.

And most of all, we promise our child will know how your profound strength made us a family.

Mackenzie & Ted

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