Mary & Eric

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  • Eric & our friend’s daughter
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  • Mary & our friend’s daughter
  • Down by the Hudson River
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Hey there, we’re Eric and Mary. Thank you for taking the time to check out our profile. We write this with respect and admiration for your desire to create an adoption plan. We want you to know that should you place your child with us, your role will play an important part in our family’s life. Adoption has always felt like a comfortable choice for us, and we are ready and excited to begin this next life adventure.

About Us:

We met over 20 years ago at college. Mary was a Psychology major while Eric was a History major with a minor in Education. We met in a Psychology class and shared a circle of friends, many of whom we stay in close contact with to this day. While there were some personality differences, we connected over our vast similarities, going from friends, to dating, to a long engagement.

After dating for several years, we moved into our first apartment together. Mary continued her education in graduate school while Eric settled into his teaching career. We were married on July 4, 2009, and have shared a great number of adventures together since, including buying a home, job changes, fun trips, and making new friends!

Our Friends and Family:

We are both so fortunate to have the love and support of our family. In both times of joy and times of crisis, we know there are always people we can call to provide the support we need. Mary’s parents live a mile away and are a constant fixture in our weekly activities. The best part of our family structure is the depth and breadth of how many aunts, uncles, and cousins there are which makes family get-togethers a wonderful time. Most importantly, when we told our families about our decision to adopt, they were thrilled and overcome with joy!

When it comes to friends, we believe in the Italian saying of “Amici sono meglio vecchie,” meaning, “Old friends are the best.” Many of our friends are people that we met while we were in college, some Mary met in high school, who welcomed Eric with open arms. The value we put on family is the same value we put on our friends. Our circle of friends encourage and support one another in hopes and dreams as well as including us in family activities and events. By extension, they are family and will be a part of our child’s support system, and most importantly be loved by a diverse group of people.

Our Home and Community:

We live in a single-family home in a residential area of Northern NJ, which is perfect for us and a great home to raise a child in. One of the best “selling points'' is the large sliding door that allows you to walk out onto our deck that steps down into our fenced-in backyard. We are a few blocks away from two parks that are lively in the spring and summer, and walking distance to the local elementary school. We can't wait to include a child in the joy of decorating for holidays!

Our community is a well-balanced mix of big city amenities and small town vibes. The city is a multicultural melting pot home to a wide range of ethnic groups, giving the area a worldly feel. That being said, we still feel that it also has a great suburban feel in that we are located in a spot that is truly unmatched for proximity to museums, zoos, major hospitals, well-rated schools, and many ethnic restaurants. There are so many things to do and places to go that are child-friendly and fun!

Our Message to You

-Your child will be the number one priority in our lives.

-We will encourage them to achieve their goals, dreams, and to live a life true to themselves. We will be positive guides in their journey by being loving, caring, and supportive.

-Your child will grow up in a positive environment that will be emotionally safe, comfortable and loving. They will be taught to trust and believe in themselves and learn the skills needed to have positive self-esteem as well as being a positive force in the world.

-We will always try to remember not to take ourselves or life too seriously and remember to love and laugh with one another.

-We would like to have an open and honest relationship with you if that is what you wish, and your child will always be aware of the important role you have played in their life.

Best regards,

Mary and Eric

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