Megan, Patrick & Logan

  • Dancing to our wedding song in our kitchen.
  • Our wedding day six years ago!
  • Our first Patriots’ game in Foxborough. Go Pats!
  • Enjoying lunch on our patio
  • With Megan’s family celebrating her sister’s wedding!
  • Patrick kayaking with friends this summer.
  • Megan celebrating Halloween with her family.
  • Patrick does the Tough Mudder with
    friends and family annually.
  • Megan at an ‘80s party with her sisters.
  • Our family having our monthly lunch with
    Patrick’s brother’s family.
  • With friends at our annual game night.
  • Megan with her best friend, Desiree.
  • Patrick and Logan waiting for the Tree of
    Lights celebration at Animal Kingdom.
  • Logan playing at the splash park at our pool club.
  • Megan and Logan having fun at O’Hana in Disney.
  • Us with Logan having a water gun fight in our yard.
  • Patrick showing Logan the firetruck.
    He loves the lights.
  • With Logan at our weekly breakfast at a local café.
  • Playing tag with Logan in our front yard.
  • Our favorite thing to do is to take
    family walks in our neighborhood.
  • Celebrating Megan’s friend’s wedding.
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Hello! We are Megan, Patrick and Logan. We are currently a family of three who prioritizes family over everything else. We value honesty, hard work, kindness and love.

We hope to give you a glimpse of who we are and how we live our lives. We are excited to grow our family through adoption and we appreciate you considering us as potential adoptive parents.

About Us

Our story started over twenty years ago when Megan cheered for Patrick’s basketball team in grammar school. We began dating at the end of college and have been married for 6 years!

Patrick is a financial investigator and Megan is an HR Manager. We both work full-time and share in the responsibility of raising our son, Logan. We are equal partners in all areas of our life together.

We built our lives to include a home filled with love, laughter and fun. Our family is made up of Logan, two cats (Clover and Finnegan) and one dog (Dublin). Our hope is to continue to grow our family through adoption.

Family Life
We spend our days helping our son create happy memories and positive experiences. We ride bikes, take walks and have water gun fights in our neighborhood. We try to experience as many things as possible as a family, such as, wall climbing, visiting our pool club and going to Ninja and Soccer classes.

Patrick loves to exercise, watch sports, and complete small home projects while Megan loves to read, watch movies and listen to music. As a couple, we unwind by completing puzzles together at the table or having a dance party in the kitchen.

While we do a lot of activities outside our home, our favorite part of the day is coming home to be together.

Friends and Family
Family is the biggest blessing in our lives. Between the two of us, we have 9 siblings, 20 nieces and nephews and even more cousins. Each person in our family influences our lives in so many ways.

We do activities every other weekend with our extended families from birthday parties to themed events to celebrating the holidays. Our friends are like family, so they attend a lot of these same functions with us as well.

Patrick has been friends with his best friend, Greg, since Kindergarten and Megan has been friends with her best friend, Desiree, for fifteen years. Their lives are so engrained in our lives that Logan refers to them as Uncle and Aunt because they love him as if he was their own. Our circle has expanded over the years to a small group of people who love and support us.

We couldn’t be any more grateful for the people who love us unconditionally.

Home and Community

We live in a beautiful home in a neighborhood filled with people who want to get to know you and help whenever possible. Our neighbors are a few of the nicest individuals we have met and support our hope to expand our family through adoption.

We have a pool club in town that we belong to which also has a playground, splash park and arts & crafts center. We have several parks within five minutes of our home and a top-rated school system.

Patrick supports our community through the volunteer fire department. He answers fire calls when he can between work and family time. Megan is a volunteer board member for a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals living with mental illness and their caregivers. Community is another important part of our lives. We enjoy giving back in any way we can.

Our Message to You

Thank you for taking the time to view our profile and for considering us to nurture, love and care for your child. We hope this small glimpse of us helped introduce you to who we are as a family. We look forward to getting to know you and sharing more about ourselves.

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