Susan & Peter

  • Enjoying the sunset at the marina
  • A sweet note left by Peter when we were dating
  • Our wedding day
  • Our home
  • Our puppy Kai
  • Summer fun at home with family
  • Playing backgammon at the beach
  • Halloween festival fun
  • Relaxing by the fire at Christmas time
  • Susan’s parents will be the best Nana and Poppa
  • Christmas dinner with Susan’s parents, sister, & family
  • Peter as Santa!
  • Playing games on vacation with our nieces and nephew
  • Dining out with Peter’s sister and nephews
  • Peter’s sister visiting us
  • Traveling in Italy with family
  • Susan playing with little cousins
  • Susan’s work
  • Fun time at our friend’s wedding
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Hello! We are Susan and Peter. We are excited for you to learn more about us and the strong values of family, kindness, and love that we will surround your child with. We don’t know the circumstances that led you to adoption, but we do know that you are courageous, you are selfless, and you truly care about the life that is growing inside you. Adoption is an amazing act of love.

About Us:

We met on 10 years ago and liked each other instantly. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other’s friends and family. The love of being by the water connected us deeply and we spent a lot of time at the shore. In 2014 we got married and moved to a lovely house close to the ocean. We made friends with a bunch of our neighbors and still spend time with them regularly. We love celebrating the holidays, especially Christmas and Halloween! It will be so much fun doing that with a child.

Susan is a clinical social worker and spent many years in school earning a Master’s degree at Columbia University and a doctorate at Yeshiva University. She wrote two books on the use of therapeutic activities to help children and adolescents cope and build their self-esteem. She has always loved being around children and is usually the one at family parties playing with the kids. She loves backgammon, live music, craft projects, outdoor festivals, and decorating the house for every holiday. Susan works part time remotely from home so she will have plenty of time to raise a family.

Peter has a Master’s degree in business and is a banker. He was born on Earth Day and you can tell! He is always saving bugs and planting trees and loves to be outdoors. He can’t wait to do fun things outside with a child, like gather sticks for a winter fire or build sand castles and collect sea shells on the beach on hot summer days. Peter works from home 3 days a week which will be a great fit when raising a family.

Kai is the sweetest puppy. He is one and a half years old and loves people and playing with other dogs. He loves to snuggle and follows us around the house. He would be the perfect best friend to your little one.

Family Life :

Our family consists of the two of us and our puppy, Kai. We enjoy bike riding to the shore and reading by the fire. Hiking along the water is another favorite thing to do and we bring Kai and settle on the beach with a picnic lunch and a fun game of backgammon. We love having friends and family over for a pizza game night during winter months and to relax by the pool and barbecue on summer days. We can’t wait to do these things with a child.

Our Family and friends:

We have a large extended family and enjoy spending holidays and vacationing together. Each Christmas someone dresses up as Santa. We both have enjoyed playing Santa! Our favorite vacation so far was to Italy to visits Susan’s relatives with 15 of Susan’s cousins, aunt, and uncle. Our cousins are in a band, and we enjoy going to see them perform. We see Susan’s parents, her sister and her children often. Susan’s sister has a beach house nearby that we love to go to. Peter is a twin. He has three sisters and 7 nieces and nephews. We love spending time with them whenever we can. We each have friends from childhood, college, and work life who mean the world to us. They are very excited for us to build our family through adoption. We know it takes a village to raise a child. We have a very loving village filled with friends, family, and neighbors. Should you choose us, your little one will be very much loved.

Our Home and Community:

We live in a 4-bedroom house with a pool on a spacious property with plenty of room to run and play. It’s our peaceful place and we enjoy spending time at home with Kai and friends and family. Our neighborhood is in a quiet and friendly community 10 minutes from the ocean. We have horse farms around the corner. There is also a vibrant mini city a few miles away that has great restaurants, theatres, art exhibits, and stores. We live near a vacation spot so there are always fun things to do. We are also a short ferry ride to Manhattan. It’s a fun day trip and the ferry is how Peter gets to work a few days a week. We can’t wait to see these fun places through the eyes of a child.

Our Promise to You:

We believe women like you are miracle makers. Without you our dream of becoming parents would never happen. Any child that joins our family will know where they come from and the sacrifice you made. They will be loved and supported unconditionally so they can grow to value and accept themselves for who they are. They will have the opportunity to pursue whatever interests, activities, and educational dreams they may have. We wish you peaceful days ahead, whatever you decide.


Susan and Peter

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