Rudy & Lisa

  • Enjoying the fall season in New Jersey.
  • Our wedding day.
  • Christmas morning in our living room.
  • Vacation in North Carolina with Zara.
  • Zara's birthday party in our dining room.
  • Celebrating Lisa dad's 60th birthday
  • Celebrating Christmas with our family at home.
  • 4th of July with Rudy's family in our backyard
  • Zara having fun with her cousins on her birthday.
  • Vacationing in the caribbean with our godson.
  • At our nephew's 2nd birthday party.
  • Our family and friends on our wedding day.
  • Cooking Thanksgiving dinner in our kitchen.
  • Hosted a Fiesta party at our home.
  • Rudy grilling in our backyard.
  • Our family and friends on Rudy's 40th birthday.
  • Vacationing in the caribbean.
  • Our nursery room is ready to welcome your child.
  • Nearby park with playgrounds,
    athletic fields and walkways.
  • Our holiday card family photo.
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Hello, We are Rudy and Lisa. We have great respect and admiration for you as you go through the process to find a loving family for your child. We admire your courage, love and strength. We are excited to welcome your child into our loving home. We have so much wonder, learning and love to share. We promise to love and cherish your child each and every day.

About Us

We got married 4 years ago. We are presently a family of 3. Proud parents to a dog named Zara. Zara is 8 years old, trained and very friendly. Rudy is a Design Manager and Lisa is a Vice President. Rudy and Lisa enjoy spending time with Zara and their family & friends. Rudy's hobbies include hiking, fishing, photography, swimming, gardening, grilling and renovating our home. Lisa enjoys cooking, baking pizza, decorating our home for Christmas, watching DIY videos/tutorials, arts & crafts, sewing, scrapbooking and decorating/planning Zara’s birthday every year with a different birthday theme.

Family Life:

When we are not working, we enjoy spending time together, with Zara and with our family and friends. Zara loves to swim in the beach and lake, so we look forward to taking her during the summer. We also enjoy taking Zara for long walks, having picnics at the lake, traveling, attending concerts, playing board games, weekend short distance trips to the parks, watching movies and spending time in our backyard. We cannot wait to include our child in all that we love and enjoy doing.

Friends and Family:

We both come from large families and we look forward to our family gatherings during special occasions and holidays. We truly believe it takes a village to raise a child. We know our family and friends and their children will provide another layer of care and support for your child. We anticipate extending this bond we have developed with our families and expect it will only get stronger as our family grows.

Our Family and Friends are excited!!! They can't wait to welcome your child with open arms and hearts filled with love and compassion.

Our Home and Community:

Our beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bath home is a place where we envision raising a family of our own. We have a large, fenced backyard that's perfect for playing. There is a spacious area on the first floor that could be converted into a playroom. Our future nursery is ready and we are excited to welcome your child into our home.

We live in a very safe, small town with friendly neighbors. Great schools, parks, local theater, the public library and our primary doctor who is also a pediatrician is nearby.

Our Message to You

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us. As our child grows, we plan to share their adoption story with them. We want them to be proud of who they are and where they came from. We realize that the decision to place your child for adoption is one of the greatest challenges you may ever face. Please know that we will provide a safe, loving, nurturing family, should you select us to parent your child. We promise to always tell our child that he or she is a gift from a very special, loving mother.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rudy & Lisa

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